Choosing the Right Massage Therapist in Breckenridge


Finding the right massage therapist can be challenging. Your massage therapist should be someone you feel comfortable talking with. You will need to share details about your health history, as well as your health and wellness goals with your massage therapist. In order to experience the stress relieving benefits of massage you must find a massage therapist that makes you feel comfortable and well cared for. This can be especially difficult if you are on vacation to Breckenridge, but still want to enjoy a massage while you are away. How will you find the right massage therapist for you?


The very first thing you need to know when looking for a massage therapist is whether or not they are certified. A certification ensures that they have the appropriate education and training hours necessary to provide the right care. It is especially important to look for a certified massage therapist when you are pregnant. You will want to find a massage therapist who has training specific to pregnancy and pregnant women’s bodies. This will give you peace of mind as you seek the relaxation you need during pregnancy.

Talk About Your Massage Needs

It is okay to talk with a receptionist about the different types of massage offered, as well as the level of training their massage therapists are required to have. It is important to make sure a massage therapist can meet your health needs.

Sports Recovery Massage

With a certification being the bare minimum you can work from there to find a massage therapist you love. Many people who come to Breckenridge for vacation are here for sports such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Will you be looking for sports recovery massage? This type of massage focuses on reducing muscle soreness and inflammation, and keeping you limber and flexible. This type of massage can help keep you active throughout your entire vacation and reduce the risk of serious injury.

Convenient Location

You will also want to find a convenient location. Rather than taking the gondola, bus, or navigating traffic and parking lots, imagine being able to ski right into your spa and then hit the slopes when you are done. Or, gliding in to relax in a warm soaking pool after an intense day on the mountain. If your spa is far away from the slopes, you will have to waste precious skiing time getting to and from your massage appointment.

The Spa at Breckenridge

The Spa at Breckenridge offers everything you are looking for in a massage therapist in Breckenridge. Whether you are a local that stops in regularly, or a tourist hoping to add rest and relaxation to your vacation, the Spa at Breckenridge can accommodate you. Our convenient ski in and ski out location won’t take you off the hill for too long. Pop in and enjoy a massage and a soak in our warm pool or hot tub and then take in a few more runs before the day is over.

Call for Your Appointment.

We offer certified massage therapists that can perform a variety of different massages including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, prenatal massage, and sports recovery massage. We also offer aromatherapy massages and add-ons. Our skilled therapists will melt away your stress and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you are looking for a massage therapist in Breckenridge, call the Spa at Breckenridge to talk with us about all of your options and to schedule your massage today.

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Deep Tissue Massage for Pain Management

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Choosing a Massage Therapist for your Breck Massage

What to Look for in a Massage Therapist

Here at the Spa at Breckenridge, we believe your massage should be relaxing, relieve pain and release tension. Not all massage is equal, and to experience the best massage, you need a great professional massage therapist. Here are a few of the qualities and qualifications we believe are important when choosing your massage therapist.

What Products Do We Use and Why?

A spa experience is just that, an experience. An experience envelops the whole body. All five senses are engaged, restoring both the mind and body. While our unique mountain retreat environment and our skilled professionals contribute to an excellent spa experience, so do the products we use to provide our services. So what products do we use and why?

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Poor sleep is a common problem in the United States. Integrative Healthcare reports that as much as thirty percent of people in the United States have had bouts of insomnia, while ten percent experience chronic insomnia. Two things commonly rob people of a good night’s sleep: anxiety and pain. Massage can address both of those issues helping you rest easy.

How Sports Massage Can Help your Fitness Routine

Here in Summit County, being active and physically fit is an important part of our lifestyle. Many visitors come for the physical challenges, such as climbing a 14er or skiing and snowboarding. Locals often make it a regular part of their lives.

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History of Swedish Massage

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