Win Christmas with These Amazing Gift Ideas

Breckenridge Massage Gift Certificates

Christmas is one of the best times to show friends and loved ones how much you care. It can be challenging to find the perfect gift that truly expresses how you feel. Try these unique ideas to make Christmas special for the people you love.


For the person who has everything, a donation in their honor can be a meaningful gift. Find a cause they love and give generously. Organizations like Heifer International even offer gift catalogues so that you can give chickens, cows, goats, or other resources to families who can benefit from raising livestock. If your loved one is an avid radio or podcast listener, consider making a donation to their favorite program. A Kickstarter campaign can also be a fun donation, because it usually includes cool, exclusive swags. There are endless options for charities and non-profits that can benefit from a donation and will show your loved one that you care about them and their passions.

gift certificates for massageGift Card for Massage

Everyone experiences some stress during the holidays. Some families travel, others host extended family. Gift shopping, meal prep, house cleaning, flights, packing; all of the plans and preparations can leave people feeling stressed and tense. Give the gift of relaxation to help relieve knotted necks and cinched up lower backs. A gift certificate for a massage at the Spa at Breckenridge is the perfect way to help your loved one start the year out right. They will feel pampered and loved as they let go of all the anxiety that has built up over the holidays.

Club Subscription

A subscription is the gift that will continue to remind your friends and family that they are loved all year round. You can sign up for subscriptions that will arrive monthly, bi-monthly, or even just a few times a year. Each time a box arrives at their door, they will think of the fabulous Christmas they enjoyed with you. There are subscriptions for just about everything. Some of the more common subscriptions are wine, beer, coffee, and flowers, but you can also find some that are outside of the traditional box. These include bacon, snacks, candles, hot sauce, books, specialty razors, and even underwear. Whatever your loved ones’ needs or passions are, there is a subscription available to match it. Amazing Clubs offers a wealth of ideas to choose from. Check out their long list of clubs, to spark ideas for what your loved will enjoy.

Massage Gift Certificates


A membership is another gift that continues to give all year long. These are especially great for families. Memberships to your local science museum, children’s museum, zoo, botanical garden, rec center, or other local attraction will help families create memories and learn and grow together. The gift of an experience can make an impact that will last well beyond the holidays.

Gifts To Wrap

For more tangible items, check out sites that offer unique or hand-made items. Uncommon Goods and Etsy are both marketplaces that offer gifts that can’t be found anywhere else. Make a personalized Reel Viewer with pictures of shared memories with your loved one. This topography art is perfect for the adventurer in your life. Check out these cute and customizable stocking stuffers on Etsy. If you need a tangible gift to wrap and give, these distinct items are a sure win.

Try Something Different

When you start your holiday shopping this year, try something different. Think about what your loved ones enjoy and what unexpected gift will light up their faces when they open it. There is so much joy in giving, have fun this year by giving something special.

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