According to a study done by the CDC about 50 million Americans are suffering from some type of chronic pain. That is about 20% of the population. Pain can be associated with chronic illness, past injuries, sports related recovery, or pain can even be its own diagnosis. Many Americans suffer from back pain simply from stress and tension. There are a variety ways to treat and manage pain including medications, physical therapy, exercises, and even massage. Deep tissue massage can be a useful tool in your tool box of pain management and our spa in downtown Breckenridge can help!

Success With Pain Management

An article from Harvard Health states that both pain management and massage therapy are new areas of active study, but there are currently few studies on either topic. The article does cite two studies that found massage to be effective for relieving chronic hand pain and chronic neck pain.

How Deep Tissue Massage Works

Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure to penetrate to the connective tissue and fascia as well as release tension in the muscles. According to Massage Magazine focusing on connective tissue and fascia can improve “systemic problems, such as improving posture, lengthening posture, and improve the quality of soft tissue.” Improving these systemic issues can help address neck and back pain.

When you get a deep tissue massage, your massage therapist will start by using gentler strokes to warm up your muscles. The massage will continue to use long strokes to apply pressure. The massage therapist may also use their elbow to apply deep, penetrating pressure. A deep tissue massage will include a great amount of pressure, but it should not be too painful. Talk with your massage therapist about the amount of discomfort you should be experiencing. While it is important to reach the deep tissue with pressure, you don’t want so much discomfort that your muscles are tensing and causing pain. Deep tissue massage is not for everyone. If you are not experiencing the results you want, or the pressure is too much discomfort, you can talk to your massage therapist about what type of massage would be more appropriate for your health needs and goals.

Deep Tissue Massage for Pain

Deep Tissue Massage Vs. Swedish Massage

Deep tissue massage is different from Swedish massage in that is focuses more on pain relief from muscle tension, sports injury, and chronic neck and back pain. Alternatively, Swedish massage focuses on relieving tension and stress throughout the neck and back. Some people may find Swedish massage more relaxing, while others may find deep tissue massage more effective at relieving pain over time.

Talk With Your Doctor

If you are experiencing pain from an injury, talk with your doctor and a massage therapist about deep tissue massage. There are very few instances in which deep tissue massage would not be appropriate for pain management. People who use blood thinners, people who cannot tolerate firm touch, or people with a localized infection are examples of people who should seek medical advice before getting a deep tissue

Deep tissue massage is becoming more and more recognized within the medical community as an appropriate strategy for pain management, especially as many physicians are now looking for alternatives to medicine that has the potential to be addictive. Many health insurance companies will now cover massage as a treatment for specific pain issues. Talk with your insurance company and your doctor about whether or not deep tissue massage could be a viable pain management tool for you.

Make Your Appointment

Deep tissue massage is just one of the many types of massage that is offered at the Spa at Breckenridge. CALL TODAY to make an appointment and start taking action to relieve your pain.

Date posted: February 27, 2020

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