Early Season Exercises to Get Ready for Skiing

exercise for skiing

The snow will begin to fall in Breckenridge any day now. Are you ready for ski season? Skiing works so many muscles that we only use for that particular activity. If you hit the slopes cold, you could suffer with sore muscles. With a few easy preseason exercises, skiing can be more enjoyable from the start of the season. You may even be able to push yourself a little further and take your skills to the next level when you do some preseason training. These simple exercises don’t require much equipment and can be done at home or at the gym.

Lateral Hops get in shape for ski season

Place some obstacle on the floor that is an easy height to jump over. It could be as simple as a sweatshirt, or as tall as a duffle bag. Place your feet together on the floor, standing parallel to the object. From a slightly squatting position hop over the object, quickly moving to either side of objective. Hop back and forth for thirty seconds, then take a short break. This exercise not only improves muscle tone, but it will also get your heart pumping and improve your overall endurance.


Lunges can be done anywhere in your home; when you move down the hallway, or standing in place in the kitchen. Simply place one foot in front of the other, as though you are taking a large step. Then lower yourself slowly toward the ground and raise yourself up again. This exercise works the glutes and and the quadriceps, improving strength through your butt, hips, and thighs. These are key muscles used in skiing, and often the muscles that can wind up very sore the first two days of skiing.

Core Muscles early season exercises

While is may seem like your legs are doing all the work while you are skiing, your core muscles provide much needed control. Working your core muscles will set you up for clean and controlled runs. Coach Magazine suggests the “plank” and the “dead bug” to strengthen your core muscles. The plank can be done either by placing your feet on the wall or on the floor, and your body flat to the floor. Push up with your arms and hold your body stiff and parallel to the floor. Try increasing the amount of time you hold the plank with each repetition.

To start the “dead bug,” lay on your back and put your arms and legs in the air. Your legs should be bent ninety degrees at the knee. Extend your right leg straight in front of you and your left arm straight behind you and hold them just a few inches above the ground before pulling them back in. Repeat this a few times on each side.

Create Your Own Routine

Whether you prefer a workout routine in a gym, or doing a few reps here and there around the house, include these important exercises before you go skiing this year. You can make your exercises simple movements you do with your body, or use equipment or weights to add resistance. Spending a little time building your muscle strength in these key areas will help you have an excellent ski season.

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