Finding the right massage therapist can be challenging. Your massage therapist should be someone you feel comfortable talking with. You will need to share details about your health history, as well as your health and wellness goals with your massage therapist. In order to experience the stress relieving benefits of massage you must find a massage therapist that makes you feel comfortable and well cared for. This can be especially difficult if you are on vacation to Breckenridge, but still want to enjoy a massage while you are away. How will you find the right massage therapist for you?


The very first thing you need to know when looking for a massage therapist is whether or not they are certified. A certification ensures that they have the appropriate education and training hours necessary to provide the right care. It is especially important to look for a certified massage therapist when you are pregnant. You will want to find a massage therapist who has training specific to pregnancy and pregnant women’s bodies. This will give you peace of mind as you seek the relaxation you need during pregnancy.

Talk About Your Massage Needs

It is okay to talk with a receptionist about the different types of massage offered, as well as the level of training their massage therapists are required to have. It is important to make sure a massage therapist can meet your health needs.

Sports Recovery Massage

With a certification being the bare minimum you can work from there to find a massage therapist you love. Many people who come to Breckenridge for vacation are here for sports such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Will you be looking for sports recovery massage? This type of massage focuses on reducing muscle soreness and inflammation, and keeping you limber and flexible. This type of massage can help keep you active throughout your entire vacation and reduce the risk of serious injury.

Convenient Location

You will also want to find a convenient location. Rather than taking the gondola, bus, or navigating traffic and parking lots, imagine being able to ski right into your spa and then hit the slopes when you are done. Or, gliding in to relax in a warm soaking pool after an intense day on the mountain. If your spa is far away from the slopes, you will have to waste precious skiing time getting to and from your massage appointment.

The Spa at Breckenridge

The Spa at Breckenridge offers everything you are looking for in a massage therapist in Breckenridge. Whether you are a local that stops in regularly, or a tourist hoping to add rest and relaxation to your vacation, the Spa at Breckenridge can accommodate you. Our convenient ski in and ski out location won’t take you off the hill for too long. Pop in and enjoy a massage and a soak in our warm pool or hot tub and then take in a few more runs before the day is over.

Call for Your Appointment.

We offer certified massage therapists that can perform a variety of different massages including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, prenatal massage, and sports recovery massage. We also offer aromatherapy massages and add-ons. Our skilled therapists will melt away your stress and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you are looking for a massage therapist in Breckenridge, call the Spa at Breckenridge to talk with us about all of your options and to schedule your massage today.

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According to a study done by the CDC about 50 million Americans are suffering from some type of chronic pain. That is about 20% of the population. Pain can be associated with chronic illness, past injuries, sports related recovery, or pain can even be its own diagnosis. Many Americans suffer from back pain simply from stress and tension. There are a variety ways to treat and manage pain including medications, physical therapy, exercises, and even massage. Deep tissue massage can be a useful tool in your tool box of pain management and our spa in downtown Breckenridge can help!

Success With Pain Management

An article from Harvard Health states that both pain management and massage therapy are new areas of active study, but there are currently few studies on either topic. The article does cite two studies that found massage to be effective for relieving chronic hand pain and chronic neck pain.

How Deep Tissue Massage Works

Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure to penetrate to the connective tissue and fascia as well as release tension in the muscles. According to Massage Magazine focusing on connective tissue and fascia can improve “systemic problems, such as improving posture, lengthening posture, and improve the quality of soft tissue.” Improving these systemic issues can help address neck and back pain.

When you get a deep tissue massage, your massage therapist will start by using gentler strokes to warm up your muscles. The massage will continue to use long strokes to apply pressure. The massage therapist may also use their elbow to apply deep, penetrating pressure. A deep tissue massage will include a great amount of pressure, but it should not be too painful. Talk with your massage therapist about the amount of discomfort you should be experiencing. While it is important to reach the deep tissue with pressure, you don’t want so much discomfort that your muscles are tensing and causing pain. Deep tissue massage is not for everyone. If you are not experiencing the results you want, or the pressure is too much discomfort, you can talk to your massage therapist about what type of massage would be more appropriate for your health needs and goals.

Deep Tissue Massage for Pain

Deep Tissue Massage Vs. Swedish Massage

Deep tissue massage is different from Swedish massage in that is focuses more on pain relief from muscle tension, sports injury, and chronic neck and back pain. Alternatively, Swedish massage focuses on relieving tension and stress throughout the neck and back. Some people may find Swedish massage more relaxing, while others may find deep tissue massage more effective at relieving pain over time.

Talk With Your Doctor

If you are experiencing pain from an injury, talk with your doctor and a massage therapist about deep tissue massage. There are very few instances in which deep tissue massage would not be appropriate for pain management. People who use blood thinners, people who cannot tolerate firm touch, or people with a localized infection are examples of people who should seek medical advice before getting a deep tissue

Deep tissue massage is becoming more and more recognized within the medical community as an appropriate strategy for pain management, especially as many physicians are now looking for alternatives to medicine that has the potential to be addictive. Many health insurance companies will now cover massage as a treatment for specific pain issues. Talk with your insurance company and your doctor about whether or not deep tissue massage could be a viable pain management tool for you.

Make Your Appointment

Deep tissue massage is just one of the many types of massage that is offered at the Spa at Breckenridge. CALL TODAY to make an appointment and start taking action to relieve your pain.

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What can a regular facial do for your skin? Why would you need one? You can combat dry skin, oily skin, break outs, wrinkles and more with a facial. You can even use less makeup with a regular facial and daily skin care routine. Check out Allure’s beauty columnist’s journey with a weekly facial to see the tangible results of regular skin care. No matter your age, or what type of skin you have, a skilled esthetician can give you the facial you need to help your skin feel rejuvenated.

Facials for Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common problem in Breckenridge, with the high elevation. Whether you are long term resident, or in Breckenridge on vacation, a facial can help hydrate and revive your skin. Exfoliation will remove all of the dead skin cells, while massage with hydrating essential oils will restore you skin.

Facials for Teens

Teenagers are often faced with the opposite problem. Their unique phase of growth and development often leads to oily skin and clogged pores resulting in blemishes. Rather than covering them up with concealer, a facial can get to the root of the problem. Special care is given to cleansing and exfoliation during the Teen Deep Cleanse Facial at the Spa at Breckenridge. Extractions and a hot towel compress address pores. Finally, the facial is completed with a mud mask and a facial massage to release toxins.

While stress is often considered an adult problem, the American Psychological Association found that teens reported a higher level of stress than most adults. This amount of stress at a such young age can cause all kinds of health and wellness problems, ranging from difficulty sleeping to full on anxiety attacks. A facial can help reduce stress and tension, often having a calming effect on inflamed skin. Your esthetician will want to discuss your daily skin care routines, as well as your diet, to preserve the effects of the facial in between visits.
Facial in Breckenridge CO

Age Repair Facial

If you are concerned about wrinkles or want to tighten your skin to prevent sagging and lines, try the Age Repair Facial. This facial offers 75 minutes of intense care and rejuvenating therapy for the skin. Inca inchi and larch oils promote collagen growth to tighten and firm skin. More oils are then applied to promote cell renewal. Two separate masks work together to firm up skin. A lymphatic massage will help flush out toxins and leave you feeling refreshed. A hand, foot, and scalp massage are also included with this facial to give you the ultimate, relaxation experience.

Self Care Routine

Your self care routine can become even easier when you already have a regular massage or body treatment scheduled. The express facial is an additional thirty minutes of care targeted directly at your specific skin care needs. If you want to keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant add on an express facial to your body treatment or mas-sage. This particular facial can only be scheduled as part of your other treatments at the Spa at Breckenridge.

Show Off Your Beautiful Skin

Strong, supple, glowing skin is achievable. A facial can help cleanse deeply, exfoliate, hydrate, and detoxify, as well as promote rest and relaxation. All of these things work together to create stunning skin and help eliminate stress. Your esthetician will be happy to talk with you about your skin care needs. Then, they can apply the appropriate oils, masks, scrubs, and more to combat your specific problem areas. They can also help you develop a skin care regimen that will have your skin looking phenomenal. Say goodbye to your thick foundations and concealers and hello healthier happier skin. Schedule your appointment for a facial at the Spa at Breckenridge.

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You can come to Breckenridge in December for world class ski runs, but you can also enjoy magical events and experiences. During the Christmas season the town lights up dark nights with spectacular Christmas displays and festive events. Here are a few of our favorite events that you should come up to the high country for.

Race of the Santa

Every year, the first week of December features the Race of the Santas. Come in costume to join hundreds of other Santas running down Main Street. If you don’t want to run with the Santas, you can feature your furry friend in the dog parade, or help your child run in the Moose March. Some events require pre-registration so check out the event schedule on

When the sun goes down the town lights up with millions of festive lights and a ceremonial tree lighting. Main Street Breckenridge transforms into a magical winter wonderland. You can take your little ones to see Santa at the decorated Barney Ford Museum in the evening. Many of the local businesses offer special deals, gifts, or events throughout the day. Be sure to take you time and enjoy all that Breckenridge has to offer. Pick up one of a kind Christmas gifts for all of your loved ones, during this festive season.

Christmas in Breck 2019

Ullr Fest

Ullr Fest pays homage to the thing we worship most in Breckenridge, snow! Ullr is the Norse god who is known for skiing and hunting. During Ullr Fest the locals and guests of Breckenridge alike put on their horned Viking helmets and celebrate our beloved winter season. Ullr Fest runs from December 11th-15th in 2019. It includes a giant bonfire, a community parade, and the crowning of the Ullr king and queen. Sign up to be one of the many participants in the world’s longest shotski (unofficial). Take the family to the free skate party on Saturday at the Stephen C. West Ice Arena. Close out the weekend at the Riverwalk Center enjoying the American folk artists, the Wood Brothers. For a complete list of activities and events visit

Victorian Tea

Treat yourself to an old fashioned Victorian tea at the Briggle home in Breckenridge. In 2019 the tea is hosted on Dec. 22 from 2:00-4:00. You can enjoy old fashioned treats and formal tea, while being entertained with stories of historic Breckenridge. Reservations must be made in advance at

Skate with Santa

You can give your kids the magical experience of skating with Santa on Christmas Eve day. Stephen C. West Ice Arena offers an open skate with Santa from 1:00-4:00 on December 24th. Regular admission fees and skate rental fees still apply.

New Year’s Torchlight the Parade

Every year the Breckenridge Ski and Ride School lights up the runs of Breckenridge with a torchlight parade. You can view the torchlight parade from one of the many parties throughout the town of Breckenridge. The Maggie offers a stunning view of the torchlight parade along with an extravagant New Year’s Eve party. Enjoy a day of skiing and close out the year with the many aprés ski events in historic Breckenridge. If you plan on eating out on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, be sure to make a reservation.

A High Country Christmas

There is plenty to do throughout the Christmas season in Breckenridge. Enjoy your favorite winter activities and events in an enchanting small town setting. Give you family a magical Christmas experience at one of the many Christmas events in Breckenridge. A high country Christmas is a memorable Christmas for everyone!

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Christmas is one of the best times to show friends and loved ones how much you care. It can be challenging to find the perfect gift that truly expresses how you feel. Try these unique ideas to make Christmas special for the people you love.


For the person who has everything, a donation in their honor can be a meaningful gift. Find a cause they love and give generously. Organizations like Heifer International even offer gift catalogues so that you can give chickens, cows, goats, or other resources to families who can benefit from raising livestock. If your loved one is an avid radio or podcast listener, consider making a donation to their favorite program. A Kickstarter campaign can also be a fun donation, because it usually includes cool, exclusive swags. There are endless options for charities and non-profits that can benefit from a donation and will show your loved one that you care about them and their passions.

gift certificates for massageGift Card for Massage

Everyone experiences some stress during the holidays. Some families travel, others host extended family. Gift shopping, meal prep, house cleaning, flights, packing; all of the plans and preparations can leave people feeling stressed and tense. Give the gift of relaxation to help relieve knotted necks and cinched up lower backs. A gift certificate for a massage at the Spa at Breckenridge is the perfect way to help your loved one start the year out right. They will feel pampered and loved as they let go of all the anxiety that has built up over the holidays.

Club Subscription

A subscription is the gift that will continue to remind your friends and family that they are loved all year round. You can sign up for subscriptions that will arrive monthly, bi-monthly, or even just a few times a year. Each time a box arrives at their door, they will think of the fabulous Christmas they enjoyed with you. There are subscriptions for just about everything. Some of the more common subscriptions are wine, beer, coffee, and flowers, but you can also find some that are outside of the traditional box. These include bacon, snacks, candles, hot sauce, books, specialty razors, and even underwear. Whatever your loved ones’ needs or passions are, there is a subscription available to match it. Amazing Clubs offers a wealth of ideas to choose from. Check out their long list of clubs, to spark ideas for what your loved will enjoy.

Massage Gift Certificates


A membership is another gift that continues to give all year long. These are especially great for families. Memberships to your local science museum, children’s museum, zoo, botanical garden, rec center, or other local attraction will help families create memories and learn and grow together. The gift of an experience can make an impact that will last well beyond the holidays.

Gifts To Wrap

For more tangible items, check out sites that offer unique or hand-made items. Uncommon Goods and Etsy are both marketplaces that offer gifts that can’t be found anywhere else. Make a personalized Reel Viewer with pictures of shared memories with your loved one. This topography art is perfect for the adventurer in your life. Check out these cute and customizable stocking stuffers on Etsy. If you need a tangible gift to wrap and give, these distinct items are a sure win.

Try Something Different

When you start your holiday shopping this year, try something different. Think about what your loved ones enjoy and what unexpected gift will light up their faces when they open it. There is so much joy in giving, have fun this year by giving something special.

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Pregnancy can be beautiful, but it can also have its challenges. Hormone changes can cause strong emotions and even anxiety and depression. Shifts in circulation, and weight can also cause joint pain and discomfort. Prenatal massage can address all of these issues so that you can feel more comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Regulate Hormones

Hormones tend to go haywire during pregnancy as your body works to support a developing baby. According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage can actually lower hormones such as cortisol that cause stress and anxiety. They can also increase serotonin and dopamine hormones. Lowered levels of these hormones are associated with depression. Prenatal massage can help regulate your hormones and boost your mood so that you feel emotionally well throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage in Breckenridge

Relief For Aches And Pains

Joint aches and pains are common, as well as swelling of the joints. Sciatic nerve pain often results from the way the uterus sits on the lower back and pelvis. Prenatal message can improve circulation and help reduce swelling and pain that can make pregnancy challenging. Even in the late stages of a pregnancy, when simple movements can become difficult, massage can offer relief and comfort.

Services At The Spa At Breckenridge

At The Spa at Breckenridge, not only do we offer prenatal massage, but we offer full body treatments that can help soothe the aches and pains of pregnancy. Swedish style massage is employed to relax tense back and shoulder muscles. A full body massage includes the legs, feet, scalp, and face to relax and rejuvenate every part of your body that is working so hard as your baby develops. There is a misconception that massaging feet can induce labor. Parents Magazine assures readers that this is not true. You can pamper your feet with worrying about inducing a premature labor. Rose oil and body butter used for nourishing the skin are formulated to be safe for use during pregnancy. These massages are administered while you lay on your side, supported with a body pillow for maximum comfort.

Prenatal Massage in Breckenridge

Check In With Your Doctor

Talk with your doctor before you schedule your prenatal massage in Breckenridge to make sure there aren’t any concerns you or your massage therapist should be aware of. Prenatal massage is considered safe for pregnancy, but there are a few, rare situations in which a doctor may advise against it.

Your Prenatal Care Routine

Include massage in your prenatal care routine. It is important to care for both your body and mind as you prepare for the birth of your little one. Massage will help you stay calm and relaxed throughout your pregnancy so that you can focus on the joy of developing life and expanding your family. Even labor and delivery can go smoothly when you have included massage in your prenatal care, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Schedule your prenatal massage at the Spa At Breckenridge today and start enjoying your pregnancy.

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The snow will begin to fall in Breckenridge any day now. Are you ready for ski season? Skiing works so many muscles that we only use for that particular activity. If you hit the slopes cold, you could suffer with sore muscles. With a few easy preseason exercises, skiing can be more enjoyable from the start of the season. You may even be able to push yourself a little further and take your skills to the next level when you do some preseason training. These simple exercises don’t require much equipment and can be done at home or at the gym.

Lateral Hops get in shape for ski season

Place some obstacle on the floor that is an easy height to jump over. It could be as simple as a sweatshirt, or as tall as a duffle bag. Place your feet together on the floor, standing parallel to the object. From a slightly squatting position hop over the object, quickly moving to either side of objective. Hop back and forth for thirty seconds, then take a short break. This exercise not only improves muscle tone, but it will also get your heart pumping and improve your overall endurance.


Lunges can be done anywhere in your home; when you move down the hallway, or standing in place in the kitchen. Simply place one foot in front of the other, as though you are taking a large step. Then lower yourself slowly toward the ground and raise yourself up again. This exercise works the glutes and and the quadriceps, improving strength through your butt, hips, and thighs. These are key muscles used in skiing, and often the muscles that can wind up very sore the first two days of skiing.

Core Muscles early season exercises

While is may seem like your legs are doing all the work while you are skiing, your core muscles provide much needed control. Working your core muscles will set you up for clean and controlled runs. Coach Magazine suggests the “plank” and the “dead bug” to strengthen your core muscles. The plank can be done either by placing your feet on the wall or on the floor, and your body flat to the floor. Push up with your arms and hold your body stiff and parallel to the floor. Try increasing the amount of time you hold the plank with each repetition.

To start the “dead bug,” lay on your back and put your arms and legs in the air. Your legs should be bent ninety degrees at the knee. Extend your right leg straight in front of you and your left arm straight behind you and hold them just a few inches above the ground before pulling them back in. Repeat this a few times on each side.

Create Your Own Routine

Whether you prefer a workout routine in a gym, or doing a few reps here and there around the house, include these important exercises before you go skiing this year. You can make your exercises simple movements you do with your body, or use equipment or weights to add resistance. Spending a little time building your muscle strength in these key areas will help you have an excellent ski season.

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Most mountain towns reach peak leaf season in mid-September. Because of the high elevation, the leaves in Breckenridge change color early and drop quickly. An overnight rain or a strong persistent breeze can bring autumn to a close even faster. Once the leaves start changing, don’t miss any opportunity to get up into the high country. While fall is short-lived, it’s spectacular. The intense golden glow of the aspen is unlike anything you will experience in any other part of the country.

Here are the best places to view aspen in Breckenridge. Don’t forget the days can get cool and the nights even cooler, so come prepared.

Boreas Pass LoopBest Places to View Aspens in Breckenridge

Boreas Pass starts on the south end of town in Breckenridge. It follows a narrow and winding road, that is hugged by aspen on both sides. You will be rewarded with stunning views and fiery leaves. This is a popular road to hike and bike on, so watch out for those enjoying the leaves on foot. If you take Boreas Pass all of the way over, you will come out in Como, you can then take 285 South to Fairplay. Stop in Fairplay for lunch or ice cream on Front Street and take a stroll at the beach. You can continue north on Highway 9 back toward Breckenridge. You will again be rewarded with magnificent views and thick stands of aspen all the way up and over Hoosier Pass. For an off the beaten path view, take Beaver Creek Road on the north end of Fairplay. You can follow this road all the way back to Highway 9. The end of the road is not maintained, so be prepared for some large rocks. The aspens surround beaver ponds and create a quiet and serene area to enjoy thick woods and beautiful views of Silverheels Mountain. This is a great day trip and can take a few hours to all day, depending on the side adventures you take.

McCullough Gulch

If you are willing to go for a little hike to see the leaves, McCullough Gulch offers a stunning meander through the forest. This trail follows along a stream and rewards you with a captivating waterfall at the end. It is an out and back trail that totals about three miles. Be aware that the first mile and a half to the waterfall gradually moves uphill the entire time. There are also moments where the trail navigates over rock piles and tree roots that can be challenging.

Pence Miller DitchBest Places to View Fall Colors Breckenridge

This trail is easy to get to from town. You can head up Skill Hill Road and park at the overlook. The trailhead is across the street. The trail is a little over a mile and skirts Shock Hill. The trail is easy with a steep climb at the beginning being the most difficult part. It is surrounded by aspens for a wonderland like walk through the woods. Be aware that bikers commonly use this trail as well, so be respectful of one another.

Breckenridge Fall Colors

Any trail, patio, road, or overlook, will not disappoint you in September in Breckenridge. The mountainsides are thick with aspen and everywhere you look will offer a stunning golden glow. Take a trip to the high country this fall to experience the mountains at their finest.

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Aromatherapy uses specific scents to lift the mood, calm and relax, and even relieve some pain. Most commonly, aromatherapy employs essential oils either through a diffuser, or mixed into oils and lotions rubbed directly on the skin. Combining aromatherapy with massage can have astounding results, both physically and mentally. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from aromatherapy massage in Breckenridge.

Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage in Breckenridge

When you have been stressed and can’t seem to let go and relax, try aromatherapy massage. Oils such as lavender are known to have a calming effect and even induce sleep. Psychology Today cited a study in Japan that found Yuzu oil calmed heart rates and lowered stress and anxiety. Additionally, the National Cancer Institute found that chamomile helped relieve anxiety. These oils used alongside a massage that releases muscle tension can help you relax and possibly even improve sleep.


While some people are hoping to relax and slow down, others want to add a little pep to their lives. Aromatherapy can also be used to lift the mood and boost energy, ultimately improving productivity. According to Organic Facts the best oils for boosting energy are black pepper, cardamom, tea tree, and sage. Massage is also known to improve circulation. Better circulation improves oxygen flow to your brain and all parts of your body giving you the mental energy you need to focus and concentrate on whatever task is at hand.

Relieve Headaches

Massage can address muscle tension in the neck, back, and head that often results in headaches. Oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus are also known for relieving headaches. Massage along with the use of these oils can combat even migraines without the use of a variety of drugs.

Immune System Support Best aromatherapy massage in Breckenridge

Many oils have anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties combined with relieving stress and anxiety can work to help support the immune system and stave off the common cold and other minor ailments. Schedule your aromatherapy massage in Breckenridge at the start of the cold and flu season to help give your body a healthy start to the winter.

Schedule Your Appointment

There are very few side effects or risks that come with using essential oils for aromatherapy. However, to reap the most benefit it is important to work with a trained aromatherapist. These professionals can help come up with the right combination of oils for your health needs. You should also let your Breckenridge massage therapist know about any medical conditions or allergies. It is possible for some oils to cause an allergic reaction. Many oils also need to be diluted with a carrier oil to prevent skin irritation. A massage therapist will make sure any oils used are gentle and comforting on your skin. Try aromatherapy massage to improve your health and well-being. Aromatherapy massage at the Spa in Breckenridge can help you achieve achieve your wellness goals.

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Hiking is an excellent way to get out and see the mountains. You can enjoy majestic views, stunning wildflowers, wild streams and even glimpse some wildlife. While you may walk regularly, hiking can work muscles a bit differently and be slightly more demanding physically, depending on the terrain and level of difficulty. Stretching after hikes can prevent soreness and injury. Taking a few minutes to stretch when you get off the trail will help you stay ready for whatever adventure you are planning tomorrow. Try these stretches after your hike to take care of your muscles.

Hamstring Stretch

A blog from Columbia suggests the IT band/hamstring stretch. It is a simple variation on a toe touch. Instead of standing with your feet together, cross your legs and bend at your hips with your fingers towards your toes. Hold the stretch for five breaths, pushing just a little lower with each breath. Then, switch which leg is crossed over the top and perform the stretch again.

Shoulder Stretchstretches for hiking

Your shoulders can become tired and strained when you are carrying a heavy backpack. To stretch your shoulders, lift one elbow over your head and drop your hand to the middle of your back. Take your other hand and very gently push your elbow down so that your hand moves slightly further down your back. Only push until you begin to feel the stretch. Hold the pressure for a few breaths. Then switch arms and start again.

Toes and Foot Stretch

My Five Acres suggests a stretch to address aching feet and tired toes, they call it the “Toe Crusher.” Tuck your toes underneath you, like you are about to do a pushup, then, lower your knees to the ground, push them back towards your feet. Once your knees are on the ground, sit back on your heels, holding your back straight and upright. This will apply pressure to your feet stretching the soul of your foot and your toes. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.

Hip Stretch

This stretch targets your hips. You will need a sturdy surface to help you balance, a tree works great. Cross one foot over the top of the opposite knee. Gently lower yourself into a sitting position until you feel the stretch in your hip. Hold the position for five deep breaths, switch legs and repeat.

Calf Stretchpost hiking stretches

Place your toes up against a hard surface, a tree or rock will work, with your heel on the ground. Place your other foot slightly behind you, just behind your shoulder. Lean forward with your hips until you feel the stretch in your calves. Hold the stretch for five deep breaths and then switch legs.

Take The Time To Stretch

As you stretch, remember that you should feel some tightness and your muscles stretching, but you should not feel intense pain. You do not want to hold the stretch longer than is comfortable or push your body beyond its limits. If you have any known physical condition, talk with your doctors about what stretches might be best for you. As you stretch, be sure to take deep breaths that fill your belly. This will deliver oxygen to your muscles, as well as help you stay centered and focused. Stretching can not only improve recovery time, relieve sore muscles, and prevent injury, it can also lift your mood. A few minutes spent stretching after your hike is worth the investment.

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Summer in Breckenridge means sunshine. Bright sunny days are perfect for hiking, biking and other adventures, but they are not great for your skin. You will need to take some extra measures to protect your skin from the intense sun during the summer. According to an article from the Huffington Post, UV radiation can be up to 10% more per 1,000 feet of rise in elevation from sea level. This is due to the atmosphere getting thinner as the elevation increases. You can check the UV index on the EPA website. Currently, Breckenridge ranks at 11, which is considered extremely high.

Everyday Care

For daily care of your skin, you should use a facial moisturizer that contains sunscreen. This will protect your skin as you move about your everyday activities. If you are going to be out and about longer, you will need to add more protection.

skincare during summerPrevent Exposure

The best way to protect your skin is to prevent it from being exposed. Wear lightweight, long-sleeved shirts, and wide-brimmed hats to shade the most vulnerable parts of your body. Sunglasses also protect the tender places around your eyes, as well as your eyes themselves.


In addition to covering your skin you can wear a high-SPF, waterproof sunscreen. Often, people experience fewer sensitivities to mineral-based sunscreens than other types. It is important to reapply after two hours, or after you go swimming. Even if it is waterproof sunscreen, it can wear off.

Time Out

You should also consider a break. When you have been out in the sun all day, look for some shade to take some shelter in for a while. Go inside for lunch around noon, when the sun is most intense. Don’t push your skin to the limits. You can also bring an umbrella if you are going to an event where you will be outside most of the day.
taking care of your skin

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated won’t protect you from a sunburn, but it can help you feel your best. Skin can become very dry in this extreme climate. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and feeling well. A moisturizer or lotion will also help your skin feel soft and smooth. Take extra care of your skin when you are feeling dry or irritated and schedule a body treatment at the Spa at Breckenridge.

Protect Your Skin

At the very least sun can cause damage that results in pesky wrinkles or age spots as we grow older. At its worst, sun damage can result in cancer. While a golden tan may be desirable now, your skin will thank you later for covering up and preventing damage.

And when all else fails, consider our anti-aging facial to help your skin heal! Check out our full list of facials.

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The New Yorker cites a study that found immune system strength improved with touch. Participants who received hugs each day were exposed to a cold virus, along with participants who did not receive hugs. Those that received the regular touch were more likely to resist the virus that those who did not. Touch is an important part of our human experience and science is beginning to understand that it not only improves our emotional well-being, but also our physical well-being.

Many of us do not experience regular contact, and healthy touch with other people. Massage is a great way to incorporate touch into your regular routine. Massage works tension out of muscles relieving stress and anxiety, and it can also have the same positive benefits that human touch provide which includes improved immune systems.

Pain ReliefMassage in Breckenridge

One of the most touted benefits of massage is pain relief. According to Mayo Clinic, massage can offer relief from headaches, pain from fibromyalgia, and pain from sports injuries. Studies cited by Harvard Health found both hand pain and chronic neck pain were reduced with regular massage.

Improved Circulation

There are also a few studies that have linked lowered cortisol (a stress hormone) and lower blood pressure to regular massage. While it is still inconclusive, it is entirely possible that massage can improve circulation and improve overall heart health. Massage, combined with other supplements and medications might be a helpful way to manage blood pressure complications.

Managing Chronic Stress

Massage demands that we take a moment out of our busy lives to rest. These quiet moments can restore our spirits, relieve anxiety, and give us pause to breath. Chronic stress has a number of negative impacts on physical health. It can inhibit sleep, cause headaches, and even affect digestion. Over time it can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, and more. Massage combats chronic stress. While there are no studies that prove massage directly helps any of the health challenges listed above, we do know that massage lowers stress. Less stress results in healthier bodies, both physically and mentally.

Work With Your Doctor Massage to Improve Health

If you have a specific ailment, you should not replace your current treatment with massage. Talk to your doctor about how massage could be added to your health care regimen to improve your outcomes. You should also inform your massage therapist of any specific needs, chronic pain, illness, or injury. Working with your doctor and your massage therapist will help you discover the best ways to meet your health goals through massage.

Your Health Routine

Human touch, rest, relief of tension, and reducing pain all add up to multiple health benefits. Make massage part of your regular health routine. Stave off stress and enjoy the health benefits of massage in your day to day life.

Date posted: July 31, 2019

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You don’t have to look far to find stunning wildflowers in and around Breckenridge. Easy, short day hikes will reward you greatly, whether they are through alpine meadows, along streams, or through aspen or conifer forests, you will find some of Colorado’s most iconic flowers. Be on the look out for columbine, fireweed, paintbrush, blue gentian, wild roses, lupine, and more.

Black Powder Pass

Black Powder Pass is a high alpine trail. You can access it at the top of Boreas Pass. The Boreas Pass road is open to cars during the summer. Black Powder Pass is a short mile and a half out and back trail that goes through a high alpine meadow. This trail is ideal in late July and August and is bursting with high alpine flowers in all directions.

The Lower Flume TrailBest Beginner Wildflower Hikes in Breckenridge

This trail follows Highway 9 just north of town. You can find the trailhead at the Summit County building near the 7-11. The trail is an out and back trail that is 1.6 miles one way. It has an elevation gain of only 66 feet. Close to town, this is an ideal quick morning hike that will help you acclimate to the altitude. It is also a trail that will dry out earlier in the summer than other, higher trails.

Moonstone Trail

The Moonstone Trail is a trail that starts out of Carter Park. The trail is out and back for a total of .8 miles and only 190 feet elevation gain. This easy trail is an ideal trail to start on if you are just adjusting to the elevation. It meanders through woods, so you will encounter the kind of wildflowers that like to grow in moist and shady places.

Crystal Lake Trail

There are several Crystal Lake Trails throughout the area. This Crystal Lake Trail begins at the top of Hoosier Pass. Take Highway 9 south, there is a parking lot at the top of the pass. Follow the trail at the parking lot, then head toward the north side of the mountain. This trail wanders through beautiful high alpine meadows and arrives at a stunning lake. Later in the summer is the best time for this trail because it can be covered in snow or very wet from snow melt in June. It is a short, flat hike to the lake. You can hike back the way you came or take a steep incline on the other side of the lake to make the trail a loop.

Best Beginner Wildflower Hikes in BreckenridgeGuided Hikes

If you are new to hiking you can check out the Breckenridge Recreation Center’s guided hikes. These guided hikes will introduce you to new trails, teach about the wildlife, and trees and flowers along the trail. The hikes are for people 6 years old and up and range from easy to moderate. They cost $15. You can see a full schedule of the hikes on the Breckenridge Recreation website. These hikes are perfect to get you started and give you the confidence you need to go out on your own.

More Resources

For more information about trails in the Breckenridge area check out the Hiking Project. It includes maps, descriptions, mileage, elevation gain, and difficulty, so you can research and find the best trails for your skills and abilities. Wildflowers of Colorado is an excellent resource to help you identify what you have seen, or help you know what to look for. Get out and enjoy this unique alpine environment that only Colorado mountains have to offer.

Paintbrush photo by Jessie Unruh, courtesy of the Breckenridge Tourism Office

Date posted: July 15, 2019

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Your wedding can be one of the most stressful or one of the most beautiful days you will ever experience. How you handle the days leading up to your wedding and what you do to manage stress and anxiety can have a major impact on how you enjoy the day. Follow these tips for staying calm before your wedding.

How to calm pre-wedding jittersLists and Lists

A well-planned wedding thrives on lists. Writing everything down will help relieve stress because you will not feel pressured to keep it in your memory. Keep close track of your lists and keep them organized. On the day of the wedding hand off your lists to someone else. Give it to a wedding planner, personal attendant, bridesmaid, or even mom. Just make sure that you are no longer responsible for anything on it on your wedding day. This will leave you free to relax and enjoy the day.

Get a Pre-wedding Massage

Relieve tension with a massage! Wedding planning happens over the course of months and in some cases, years. The tension that results from the stress of planning can easily build up over time. Schedule regular massages so that you can unload all the stress of wedding planning. In the days approaching the wedding schedule a spa date for your bridal party so that you can relax and enjoy your friends. Shedding some tension and anxiety before the wedding day will help you feel calmer as the day approaches.

Massage for brides

Exercise and Sleep

It can be easy to forget to do the things that your body needs to stay healthy when you are feeling overwhelmed. It is important that you find time to take care of yourself and get the exercise and sleep you need to stay healthy and well. Not only will exercise and sleep help you feel well, but it will also relieve stress. You will want to be healthy on your wedding day, so take time to take care of yourself.

Take Some Alone Time

Often, in the days approaching a wedding there is a lot of activity with family and friends arriving to visit. All of the time spent with people can become overwhelming. Find moments to escape for a few minutes of alone time. Recharge your people battery so that you don’t feel frazzled at your wedding. Go for a quiet walk, get a cup of coffee, or just hide away and take a nap. Evaluate how you are feeling and know when you need to get away for a few minutes by yourself.

Self Care

It is possible to stay calm and enjoy your wedding. You can savor all of the beautiful details, enjoy all of your guests, and most importantly appreciate your spouse if you feel calm and relaxed. In the midst of all the wedding busyness, take time for much needed self care.

Date posted: June 30, 2019

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