Breckenridge is a winter wonderland, often until late in April. If you have come for your ski vacation, but feel like you need a change of pace, there are plenty of other options available.

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Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to experience the beauty that Breckenridge has to offer. You can get deep into the woods, enjoy new views, and even encounter wildlife. If you are new to snowshoeing, you may want to start with a guided hike. You can schedule a guided snowshoe hike at Breckenridge Nordic Center. Or, if you prefer to take off on your own, their trails are well marked. The Nordic Center has snowshoes and poles available for rent at the lodge. Using these trails also requires a trail pass. You can also find snowshoe rentals at most ski and sport shops throughout Breckenridge. There are many forest service trails that are open to snowshoeing. Hoosier Pass is a very popular area to snowshoe.

Tubing and Sledding

Tubing and sledding are also fun winter activities, especially if you have kids in your group. Try out tubing on a groomed tubing hill at the Frisco Adventure Park. The best part of this hill is that you don’t have to walk back up. A magic carpet brings you and your tube back to the top of the hill. You must reserve your group’s tubing time in advance, you can do this online on the Town of Frisco website. If you don’t mind getting extra exercise, trekking up and down the sledding hill, you can try out Carter Park. Carter Park has a fun sledding hill and you can usually find plastic sleds for sale at the local City Market.


For a truly unique experience check out Snow Caps Dogsledding. You can book a six mile tour through Good Times Adventures. Groups of up to six take turns riding the dog sled, running the dogs, and riding on the passenger sleigh with a knowledgeable guide. This is a rare experience where you get to interact with the dogs and run the sled. This activity is not suited for children under four. However, you can book a tour of the dog yard and meet the dogs as an alternative. Good Times Adventures also offers guided snowmobile tours. You can create a whole day of fun with a morning of snowmobiling and an afternoon of dogsledding.

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Sleigh Rides

Dinner sleigh rides are one of the most idyllic ways to experience the winter. Ride along as horses quietly pull sleighs through snow covered forests. You can book a hot cocoa sleigh ride, dinner ride, or private event through Golden Horseshoe Tour Co.

Don’t Miss All of the Winter Fun

For locals, winter slips away quickly because there are so many activities for enjoying the sun and snow. Don’t miss out on the huge variety of winter sports and activities that draw all kinds of adventurers to the mountains. Most of these activities require reservations, so be sure to plan ahead.

Dogsled photo, courtesy of Breckenridge Office of Tourism

Snowshoeing and Sleigh Ride photos by Carl Scofield, courtesy of Breckenridge Office of Tourism

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When you need a break from the speed of downhill skiing, cross country skiing is an excellent alternative. You can head out into the backcountry and experience a whole new landscape. The quiet atmosphere and the rhythmic kick and glide of the skis gives cross country skiing a meditative quality that is good for the soul. Here are our favorite cross country trails in Breck for this soothing, yet challenging workout.

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Breckenridge Nordic Center

The Breckenridge Nordic Center is the perfect place to start if you are new to cross country skiing. They offer 30 kilometers of groomed trails. You can rent equipment and sign up for a private or group lesson. The trails meander through the stunning Cucumber Gulch Preserve. The lodge is located just a few minutes from downtown Breckenridge, up Ski Hill Road. Parking is available on site, or it is accessible from the Breckenridge Free Ride system. You will need a trail pass that costs $25 for adults over 12. Kids 12 and under ski free, making this a great family activity. The lodge is warm and welcoming with a large stone fireplace, and often live music, so you can relax when you are done skiing.

Bemrose Ski Circus

When you are ready to venture a bit into the backcountry, the Bemrose Ski Circus is the ideal trail to try. This trail is easily accessible and well traveled. There are usually tracks that are easy to follow and loops of varying lengths. You are also likely to encounter fellow skiers on these trails, should you need help. The Bemrose Ski Circus is found at the top of Hoosier Pass. Go south on Highway 9 from Breckenridge. At the top of Hoosier Pass there is a large parking area. You can park here and then carefully cross the road. You will see the trail marked with a post and some blue blazes. Click here for a detailed map.

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Pennsylvania Creek Road

This road is off of Highway 9 to the south of Breckenridge. From Highway 9, turn left on Blue River Road. Follow it bearing to the right on Royal Drive. Then take a right on Coronet Dr., where this road is no longer paved is where the trail begins. Pennsylvania Creek Road goes for 2.5 miles one way. If you would prefer a longer trail, you can connect with Indiana Creek Road, which in turn will connect with Boreas Pass. The top of Boreas Pass hosts Ken’s cabin. This is a hut that can be booked for an overnight stay through the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association. This can make an excellent route if you are looking for a longer, more challenging adventure.

Gold Run Nordic Center

This Nordic Center is operated by the Town of Breckenridge. It offers 30 kilometers of ski trails groomed for classic or skate skiing. If you enjoy this sport with your dog, there are a few trails here that are specifically designated to bring along your canine companion. This is another great location for beginners to start out, but it also offers difficult trails for the more advanced skier.

If you have never tried cross country skiing, Breckenridge offers many opportunities to rent skis and get out on a trail. This is truly a sport that almost anyone can do. It is quickly rewarding as you experience the mountains in a more intimate way.

Photo 1 by Liam Doran courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office
Photo 2 courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office

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Swedish massage therapy has been used in the United States since the 1850’s when two doctors brought over the technique from Europe. It was originally developed by Dr. Ling in the 1830’s. A Swedish massage therapist will employ different strokes including tapping, kneading, gliding, and friction to help relieve muscle tension. These strokes have special names that you may hear associated with Swedish massage. Effleurage is the long stroke, often directed towards the heart to improve circulation and prepare knots in muscles to be broken up. Petrissage is the kneading stroke that addresses specific muscle tension. Tapotement is a rhythmic tapping that energizes muscles and breaks up more tension. Friction requires rubbing the palms on the skin to warm up the muscles. Vibration is the quick motion of the fingertips or palms to loosen the muscles. Swedish massage is typically applied with the hands, but sometimes the forearms and elbows are used as well. Oil is almost always used with the massage so that the masseur’s hands can glide gently across the skin without causing discomfort.

No PainSwedish massage Breckenridge

While you will feel pressure during a Swedish massage, you should not feel pain that would cause you to tense up or become uncomfortable. If you are feeling pain, or simply don’t like some of the strokes being employed, you should talk to your massage therapist to determine what might be a better approach to your massage. Massage therapy should help you feel better and should not cause stress or discomfort.

Physical Effects of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most commonly requested type of massage in the United States and at our Breckenridge spa. It is now prescribed by some doctors to address some symptoms and medical conditions. It most broadly addresses issues of stress and muscle tension. While Swedish massage relieves muscle tension and minor pain due to muscle tension, it is proven to have other positive effects on the body as well. According to one study Swedish massage therapy lowers blood pressure. It can also improved circulation, which increases oxygen to the organs and results in an overall gain in wellness. According to LiveScience, studies have also found that Swedish massage can increase white blood cells. These are the cells that fight off infection and inflammation so Swedish massage gives the immune system a little boost.
Swedish massage can also improve your mood. In addition to relieving tension and helping your feel more relaxed, it can reduce cortisol levels in the brain, according to a report cited by the Huffington Post. Cortisol is a hormone that causes stress responses in the body.

Swedish massage in BreckFinding a Swedish Massage Therapist

In most states, Swedish massage therapists must be licensed to practice massage. Some receive a state license, while others can receive a license through a professional massage organization. There are two organizations that offer a licensure exam. It is ok to ask your massage therapist what their area of expertise is and what training they’ve had. Choose a massage therapist that you feel comfortable with and be sure to tell them about your specific needs, whether they are medical or emotional. Book a Swedish massage in Breckenridge today at our spa, to relieve stress, relax, and reenergize.

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Vacations should be a unique time to relax and get away. You should feel refreshed after your vacation so that you can get back to all of the daily things you have to do. Unfortunately, getting away on vacation can also be a little stressful. Quartz Magazine cites a survey of 2,000 Americans that found 62% “had ‘very or somewhat’ elevated stress levels during winter holiday vacations.” Planning ahead at work, packing, and even the travel itself can cause some stress. Once you have arrived, you should pamper yourself to eliminate any stress and start your vacation relaxed.

vacation massage

Get a Massage in Breck

Get a massage…. or two! Plan for a massage on the day you arrive. This will help work out any tension you have been carrying with you, or have accumulated while you were traveling to Breck. When you start out with a massage, you will be able to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Then, if you have planned any adventures, such as skiing or hiking, you can schedule another massage toward the end of your vacation to help work out any muscle tension or soreness. You might not have time for a regular massage in your everyday life; your vacation is the perfect time to make it a priority.

Enjoy the Hot Tub

Make sure your vacation home or lodge has a hot tub. A warm soak in hot water does wonders to relieve tension and relax muscles. Skiing will be even more fun when you can come back to your place and take a long soak in the hot tub at the end of the day.

Go Out to a Nice Dinner massage in Breckenridge

Breckenridge boasts many restaurants that have creative menus and serve dishes made with local ingredients. You can even order a luxurious cocktail made with locally distilled spirits. Breckenridge dining has distinct character that you won’t experience anywhere else. Take time to relax enjoy these artful meals throughout your vacation. Making reservations in advance will ensure that you can dine at your favorite places.

Read our articles about healthy eating in Breckenridge and the best date night restaurants.

Get a Body Treatment

Did you know that a body treatment can rejuvenate your skin and relieve stress? Our full body treatment uses essential oils and aromatherapy to boost your mood and hydrate your skin. Consider a hand and foot treatment as well. Our hand and foot treatments use a carefully selected combination of restorative essential oils to soften and smooth the skin on your hands and feet. (Click here to see the body treatments we offer at our Breckenridge spa.)

Quiet Time

Enjoy some quiet time. Vacations can be packed full of busy fun. Be sure to plan some quiet time to help you relax and enjoy the moment. This might be buying your favorite drink at a coffee shop and sipping it by the fire, or playing a game with your family at the lodge. Don’t miss the chance to slow down and take some quality time for yourself or with your family.

Plan to Pamper Yourself

When you take the time to pamper yourself on vacation, you will go home feeling relaxed and refreshed. Make an appointment at The Spa at Breckenridge for your massage or body treatment so that you will feel pampered from the very start of your vacation.

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Boutiques offer quality finds and unique fashion you won’t encounter anywhere else. The Main Street in Breckenridge if full of chic boutiques and charming shops. Even though Breckenridge is a small town, you can find top of the line fashion on this quaint street.

Ruby Jane’s shopping in Breck

Ruby Jane’s carries a wide variety mountain chic style clothing. From unique summer sandals to warm and cozy winter sweaters, you can find an outfit perfect for any season. Ruby Jane’s also carries adorable toddler and kid’s clothes and home goods. Not only does Ruby Jane’s offer an excellent selection of clothes and accessories, they are located in a historic Victorian home with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


This shop offers looks that reflect the spirit and personality of Breckenridge. It is a locally owned and family owned shop, with a beautiful mission. They seek to empower all women to look and feel confident. You can feel their thoughtfulness in their store and see it in their actions. For example, they offered teachers a special discount during the month of August as a thank you for all of their hard work. Because this is a shop run by women who care for other women and love their town, you are certain to find something that you will love to wear and it will inspire memories of this charming mountain town.

Belvidere and Hern

If you are looking for a truly distinct gift for yourself or a friend, you will have to step off of Main Street. Belvidere and Hern is tucked back in a little ally off of Main Street. It is often missed by hurried tourists, but you do not want to miss this gem. They sell home goods, decor, clothing, leather items, jewelry and so much more. These treasures are carefully curated to represent Breckenridge. Some of the items are even crafted in house, giving you confidence that they cannot be found anywhere else. This shop offers items for both men and women, so you can find something for everyone on your list. Bring home the perfect memento from your mountain excursion from this irresistible shop.

boutique shops in Breck

Magical Scraps

Magical Scraps sells whimsical clothes and other items, most of which are handmade. You can find treasures here that will let your little one express their unique personality. While they have a large selection of kids clothes, they also sell women’s clothes, accessories and home goods. Once again, this shop offers treasures that can only be found in Breckenridge.

Plan A Day For Shopping in Breckenridge

Whether you have come to Breckenridge for skiing, other outdoor adventures, or relaxing in the mountains, be sure to also plan a day for shopping. In addition to these charming boutiques, Breckenridge also boasts excellent outdoor gear shops, art galleries, jewelry stores, and other specialty shops. There is a collection of distinct, locally owned shops that makes shopping in Breckenridge different than anywhere else. Bring home items that will inspire cherished memories for years to come.

Photo by Bob Winsett Courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office

Photo by Liam Doran Courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office

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Your hands work all day long. They open jars, type at computers, drive cars, chop and slice, lift, hold, and touch tenderly. Working all day long with no rest can take its toll on your hands. Feet also do their fair share of work. These parts of the body work hard with very little attention or regard. A hand and foot treatment can give these essential body parts the rest and rejuvenation they need to keep working hard for you all day, every day.

Relieving Pain

In addition to helping you feel relaxed and relieving anxiety, a foot massage can actually help you feel physically better. A study cited by Life Hack found that subjects who suffered from migraines and headaches reduced or eliminated their symptoms with reflexology foot massage. Many participants in the study no longer needed to take medication for their headaches.

Foot massage can also relieve everyday pain that typically happens due to flat feet. When your arches fall, you don’t have the support you need to get through your day without pain. Planter fasciitis is particularly painful in the heel area of the foot. Foot massage several times a week can help you feel better when you need to be up on your feet and you are struggling with severe or chronic foot pain.

Hand and foot treatment in Breck

Caring For Your Hands

Hands work more than ever, now that most of our employment involves at least some computer work. Typing, scrolling, unnatural angles of the wrist, can all cause strain, tension, and sometimes pain. A hand massage can help relieve any tension in your hands, but also throughout your body. A simple hand massage can go a long way toward helping you feel healthy and relaxed.

More Than Massage

A hand and foot treatment at our Breckenridge spa goes beyond just massage. Treatments include aromatherapy to invigorate your mood. Skin is exfoliated with scrubs to remove dry and damaged cells. Next, oils and creams are massaged into the skin to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin on your arms, forearms, feet, and calves.

Winter in a very dry climate like Breckenridge can wreak havoc on your skin. Despite continual applications of lotions, skin still becomes cracked, dry, and uncomfortable. These deep moisturizing techniques can help your hands and feet feel better. They can also help them retain moisture longer. Just because you love the outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to have itchy and cracked skin. Regular hand and foot treatments will keep your skin feeling healthy and supple.

hand-foot-massageRegular Self Care

Watch your stress and anxiety melt away as lovely scents fill the air and nourishing lotions are rubbed into your skin. Visit our spa, located near the ski hill in Breckenridge, for a hand and foot treatment massage that will help your skin stay hydrated, fresh and relaxed.





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Essentials oils are becoming more and more popular because of their ability to reduce stress, energize, calm, and even relieve symptoms of illness. It is relaxing to go the spa and get a massage with essential oils, but essentials oils are also something you can use every day in your own home.

Essential oil massage


There are several different types of diffusers. The basic function is the same. A diffuser disperses the oil into the air in your home. Then, you can easily inhale the oil as you go about your day, benefiting from its scent. In addition to experiencing the benefits of a particular oil, your home will also smell lovely.

Topical Applications

Some essential oils can be applied directly to the skin. These oils can often act as a disinfectant for injuries, relieve dry or irritated skin, relieve headaches, or simply provide a calming effect. Be careful because many oils are so potent that they act as skin irritants in high concentrations. These oils must be diluted in a carrier oil. Almond oil and even olive oil can work as excellent carrier oils. Many essential oil retailers sell roll on style bottles to mix up essentials oils with carrier oils to keep on hand. The University of Minnesota suggest three drops of oil to one teaspoon of carrier oil for small areas of topical application. For massage purposes, the oils should be diluted even more.

Take a BathAromatherapy massage in Breckenridge

A bath on its own is a great way to relax, but add a few essential oils and it becomes a spa treatment in your own home. You can use a bath to help induce sleep, relieve anxiety, and combat stress. Some great oils to use in a bath are lavender, sandalwood, neroli, and jasmine. Jolene Hart of Beauty is Wellness suggests adding a few drops of oils to olive oil or whole milk and then pouring it in the bath. That will prevent the essential oils from evaporating as soon as they are dropped into the hot water. In addition to restoring your mood, essential oils in your bath can also rejuvenate your skin.

Breathing Steam

One or two drops of oils can be added to a steaming bowl of water. Place your head over the bowl and inhale the steam deeply. Eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon used with this method can be especially effective for relieving symptoms related to common colds.

Find a Guide

There is an impressive variety of essential oils and blends available. All of them have different properties, uses, outcomes, and sometimes risks. Check a thorough guide to find the essential oil that is appropriate for your needs. You should also be aware of any allergies or sensitivities you may have and don’t use oils that are related to those plants. There are many guides available online. Many essential oil retailers also offer guides. Consult the guides so that you can get optimal results from your essentials oils.

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You may not always have time to get into the spa, and you just need a little relief between massages. These five techniques can help you relax at home or at work. They can relieve stress and tension and keep you feeling loose and comfortable every day.

1) Face

Daily stress is often carried in the face. When you are worried, concentrating intensely, or just thinking, you may have a tendency to tighten your jaw, or squint your eyes. Too much of this tension in your face can cause headaches. A few quick strokes can relieve this tension and help you relax a bit. Goodnet suggest making circular motions along the jaw line. You can do this with your thumbs or middle fingers.

2) Forearms and Hands

Working at a computer all day can cause fatigue in your your forearms and hands. Give your arms and hands a quick wake-up with this technique suggested in an article by Today. Lay your forearm face up on the table. Use the palm of your other hand to press along your forearm all the way to the tips of your fingers, then do it again gliding over your thumb. After you have done this several times on one arm, switch to the other arm.

stress relieving massage

3) Scalp

Another way to relieve headaches or tension in the head and face is a scalp massage. Simply place your fingertips at the base of your scalp. Work your way up your head with your fingers making gentle circular motions. Once you have reached the top, work your way back down.

4) Feet

You don’t need any fancy equipment to do your own massage at home. A simple tennis ball can add the pressure you need for an effective massage. If your feet are feeling tired and worn out, simply step on a tennis ball, rolling it under your foot. Premier Health and Chiropractic Wellness suggests applying additional pressure where necessary by stepping a little harder in those areas.

5) Neck

When you are bent over work or stressed about a particular project, you can carry tension in your neck. Use your index and middle finger to apply pressure in a circular motion. Start at the base of your neck and work up to where your scalp meets your neck. Work up and down as much as you need to release knots and loosen the muscles.

These are five easy places that you can reach, where you can perform massage on yourself. These massages can be done anywhere with only a few minutes of time. Prevent headaches and stress by relieving tension throughout the day. If you have a friend or partner at home, you can work out even more tension by trading full back massages. Massage shower heads or jacuzzi tubs are another great way to release tension. Don’t let tension build up when you can’t get into the spa for a massage. Instead, perform these simple massage techniques so that you can stay calm and relaxed.

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Skiing uses different muscles than most everyday activities. In addition, it isn’t something that you do during the off season, so those muscles can quickly become out of shape. To be able to get out on the slopes and have a great time without feeling sore, you will want to do exercises that keep your skiing muscles toned and ready. The good news is that you can do most of these exercises with a few minutes a day and minimal equipment. These exercises work your legs and core, essential muscles for maintaining control on the slopes.

Leg Blasters

These easy to do exercises are recommended by skier and trainer Crystal Wright for Outside Online. They are reps of several different leg exercises. Start with holding squats for 20 seconds, then holding lunges for 20 seconds. After that, perform jumping lunges switching back and forth between the legs, then end with jumping squats. Do 10-20 reps of each exercise, work through the rotation, rest for 15 seconds and then repeat the entire set. Work up to repeating the whole set six times. These exercises will keep your legs from feeling weak and shaky the first day out on the slopes.

Russian Twist

Mountain Athlete, in a video for suggests the Russian Twist to strengthen core muscles. For this exercise you can sit on the floor with your knees bent. Elevate your feet slightly. Then, holding a 15 pound hand weight or kettlebell in front of you, rotate your body and touch the weight to the floor, come back to center, then rotate it the other way. Repeat this doing 10-20 reps per set. This will help your body stay ready for the tight muscle control that is required for turns.

Windshield Wipers

This is the perfect exercise to lay back, relax, and build your core and leg strength. Pro skier, Paula Moltzen, demonstrates this exercise for Shape Magazine. Lay on your back with your arms straight out on either side. Lift your legs directly into the air. Keeping your legs together, slowly rotate them towards the floor on the right, bring them back to the middle and then lower them to the left. Repeat this motion for several reps. You will feel your core being stretched and strengthened.

Stay Ready

Any exercise that works your core can help you feel confident while skiing. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym or buy fancy equipment to be ready for ski season. Hand weights or kettlebells and a few minutes of time to do a few reps are all you need to stay in shape. When you head back out onto the slopes for the first time of the season, you may also want to schedule a mountain recovery massage to keep your muscles loose, improve recovery time, and help prevent injury. Don’t fall behind during the off season and be ready to get back on your skis with these simple exercises.

Photo Courtesy of the Breckenridge Tourism Office
Photo by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez on Unsplash

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The days after the leaves drop in mid-September and before the snow starts to accumulate on the slopes are considered the off season in Breckenridge. While things slow down just a bit, there are still a lot of fun things to do and this mountain town is alluring no matter what the weather. To make it even more attractive lodging and dining can be discounted during October and November. It can be a great time to explore the town without all of the crowds. Here are some of the best deals around town during the off season.

The Dining Passport

The best way to access some great deals is with the Dining Passport. You can purchase the Dining Passport for $10 at participating restaurants and at the Breckenridge Welcome Center, once it comes out for the season. Most of Breckenridge’s premier restaurants offer deals that you can’t find anywhere else. In addition, the $10 goes to local scholarship funds and other local organizations. You get to support a community you enjoy and take advantage of great dining deals.

Free Mug

If you are in town before opening day, there is a secret the locals know. According to you can stop by any local coffee shop and get a free mug of coffee and you get to keep the mug as a memento. It is sponsored by Breckenridge Ski Resort. Here’s the catch; it’s hard to plan around. Typically, the resort opens the second weekend in November, but that is always subject to weather conditions. A lot of early snow may mean an early start, but if the snow trickles in slowly, the resort won’t be able to open until later. If you are lucky enough to catch it just right, you can score some preseason deals and take a few turns on the slopes.

Weekly Specials

A lot of the restaurants around town offer daily or weekly specials. Be sure to check out all you can eat rib night at Kenosha Steakhouse on Monday nights. And Fatty’s Pizzeria offers a lot more than pizza. Don’t miss their awesome, homestyle comfort foods. Fish and chips are their Friday lunch special. As the season changes and crowds ebb and flow, restaurants are likely to change up their specials and deals. Check out Summit This Week to keep track of special and deals around the county.

Call Ahead

The trickiest part about the off season is unpredictability. Many restaurants use this time to close down for a deep clean, reduce their hours, or try out a new menu. It is always a good idea to call before your go to double check hours and deals. You don’t want an unpleasant surprise when you arrive. On the plus side, lines and waits are shorter, and you are likely to pay less for food and lodging than during peak season. Breckenridge is beautiful any time of year, why not take advantage of the quieter season?

Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office
Photo by Liam Doran courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office

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Essential oils are concentrated plant based oils that can be used to address a variety of ailments. They are most commonly used to either calm and relieve stress or uplift and energize. Some are also used to relieve congestion and cold symptoms and other medical ailments. Essential oils can be sprayed into the air with a diffuser or rubbed directly on the skin. Many of the oils are so concentrated that direct contact may cause irritation. Most essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil, like almond oil.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy massage combines massage with the use of essential oils. These oils are absorbed through the skin as the massage is applied, as well as inhaled as you relax into the massage. With aromatherapy massage, the oils have a dual effect. Oils such as peppermint can clarify and energize, while chamomile and lavender calm and relax. Studies have found that lavender can physically reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Eucalyptus is often used to relieve respiratory problems, it is also used to eliminate headaches and muscle aches. The number and combinations of essential oils are boundless and many ailments can be treated using these amazing natural tools.

Breckenridge aromatherapy massage


Swedish massage is most often used along with aromatherapy. Swedish massage uses a combination of strokes to relieve tension in the neck and back. While Swedish is the most common type of massage, aromatherapy can be combined with most types of massage. Talk with your massage therapist about what type of massage is right for your body.

Our Breckenridge Spa

At the Spa at Breckenridge, our professional massage therapists will work with you to tailor a massage that will best meet your emotional and physical needs. An aroma test is then performed to find the ideal oils for your aromatherapy massage. We offer a choice of twelve essential oils from Aromatherapy Associates so that you are sure to find the right oil for your needs.

Stress Relief

Massage and essential oils work together to relieve your stress and anxiety. Being enveloped in scent can help you relax and clear an overactive mind. The essential oils can also work physically to relieve tension or pain. This combination of oil and massage is sure to leave you feeling radiant and well and confident to take on your day.
Consider working with one of our professional aromatherapy massage therapists in Breckenridge to curate an exquisite aromatherapy massage experience.


“Most Popular Essential Oils”
“Aromatherapy Massage Benefits” AVeryWellMind

Read More

What Type of Massage Do I Need?
What is the Difference Between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

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What better way to enjoy peak leaf season than with a glass of the finest wine? The Breckenridge Wine Classic is scheduled for the weekend of September 13th-16th, right as the aspen leaves will be in their full golden glory. The event includes dinner pairings, outdoor events, and educational seminars. It culminates with the grand tasting on Saturday evening.

The Grand Tasting

The grand tasting is scheduled for Saturday from 3:00-6:00 at the Riverwalk Center in downtown Breckenridge. This is a ticketed event with a VIP option. It will feature samples of fine foods from local restaurants and wines.

Friday Night Dinners

Friday night several restaurants throughout Breckenridge will be offering multiple course dinners and wine pairings carefully selected by sommeliers. These restaurants include Beaver Run Resort, Sauce on the Maggie, Carboy Winery, and Legends Steak and Italian.
If you would prefer to sample from multiple restaurants rather than sit down for a meal, check out the walk about tasting on Main Street. This event includes multiple sites throughout downtown Breckenridge.

Guided Hike

On Saturday morning you can enjoy a two mile hike on the Burro Trail starting out from Peak 9. The hike concludes with a special wine paired lunch. The lunch will feature single vineyard Pinot Noirs selected by Alex Wright, of Hahn Family Winery. Savor fresh air and stunning views, then relax with excellent food and learn about the Pinot Noir family.

There are more dinners and seminars throughout the weekend, ranging from women in wine to a fat biking event. More detailed information and tickets can be found at the website for the Breckenridge Wine Classic.

What to do breck in fallAdults Only

All events associated with the Breckenridge Wine Classic are 21 and over. You will be asked to present an ID when you get your tickets. This includes infants and children. Strollers or backpacks will not be admitted into any events. There are several excellent babysitting services available including At Your Breck and Call and Resort Sitters. You can enjoy an adult day or evening out without the kids.


A percentage of the proceeds from some of the events and the proceeds from a silent auction will go to the National Reparatory Orchestra. This orchestra provides unique opportunities for kids to gain experience to learn their instruments and perform. Many students from the NRO go on to play in professional orchestras and symphonies.

Schedule a Spa Day

After relaxing with fine wine and superior dining, complete your luxury experience with a spa day. Schedule a body treatment, facial, or massage at the Spa in Breckenridge. When you are done, you can take in the leaves and endless blue sky from one of our warm soaking pools.

Take the weekend to get away and enjoy some of the best that Breckenridge has to offer.

Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office
Photo by Louie Traub courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office

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When you pamper yourself with massage, you can choose from a variety of types of massage. Swedish massage therapy is what typically comes to mind when people think of massage. Many clients choose this type of message and it is appropriate for a broad range of people. However, if you have specific needs or hopes for your massage, Swedish may not be the best massage for you. Listed below are some of the different types of massages so that you can make the best choice for your needs.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is generalized and ideal for relieving stress and tension. It employs a combination of strokes, such as kneading, circular strokes, tapping and stretching. All of these techniques work together to relieve muscle tension, promote circulation, and alleviate stress. When you need to relax and loosen up, a Swedish massage is ideal for you.

Swedish massage Breckenridge spa CO

Sports Massage Therapy

If you have been at Breckenridge skiing all weekend and have overworked muscles that are sore, a sports massage is your best choice. Sports massage can reduce recovery time and improve range of motion. Over time, taking care of your body with sports massage may even improve your overall performance. It can help you maintain healthy and flexible muscles, reducing risk of injury.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is for those who experience chronic back pain or are involved in consistent physical activity that impacts the back or neck. Deep tissue massage moves beyond the surface tissues of the muscle and uses point specific pressure to relieve chronic tension. If you have medical concerns, discuss them with your massage therapist before your start deep tissue massage. You should also discuss the level of discomfort you should feel. Intense pressure is common, but your massage should not be painful.

Massage therapy Breckenridge Colorado spaHot Stone Massage Therapy

When you are in need of deep relaxation, use hot stone therapy to melt stress away. Hot stone therapy is an ancient Native American practice that incorporates warm and cool stones along with massage to help release tension and stress. This massage is one of the most relaxing and is a perfect way to recover from a major stressful event.

Prenatal Massage Therapy

Pregnancy is hard on your body and brings all kind of aches and pains with it. Prenatal massage is designed to cater specifically to the unique needs of an expectant mother. It is safe for both baby and mom and can help relieve stress and tension, as well as pain associated with pregnancy. This massage is specifically for pregnant women beyond their first trimester of pregnancy.

Talk with your massage therapist about your lifestyle, as well as the goals you have for your massage. They can help you choose the right type of massage for your individual needs.

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Inflammation is a natural immune response, it fights foreign substances in our body that are not good for us. However, sometimes our bodies can go into overdrive and constantly react to a variety outside factors. This is referred to as chronic inflammation and chronic inflammation can cause a host of long term health problems. According to Harvard Health, the best way to fight chronic inflammation is with a healthy diet. Foods that are high in antioxidants and polyphenols are effective at reducing inflammation.

lower inflammation

1) Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is the health food that everyone loves to love! It can satisfy your cravings and improve your health. Eat This, Not That cites a Louisiana State University study that found, “gut microbes in our stomach ferment chocolate into heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory compounds that shut down genes linked to insulin resistance and inflammation.” For the most beneficial effects, choose a chocolate that is 70% cacao or more and has relatively low amounts of sugar.

2) Blueberries

Blueberries are well known for their high levels of antioxidants, but they also contain potassium and vitamin C. WebMD suggests that not only do blueberries reduce inflammation, but they reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. WebMD suggests eating a ½ cup serving of blueberries every day.

lower internal inflammation3) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

When you cook, replace margarine or butter with extra virgin olive oil. This healthy fat makes food taste great and helps reduce inflammation. HealthLine cited a study that found inflammation markers decreased in subjects that consume 1.7 ounces of olive oil every day. Mix it with a little vinegar to put on your salad, toss it with some roasted vegetables, or dip your whole wheat bread in it, to include some in your everyday diet.

4) Coffee

Coffee has been linked with a long list of health benefits. A recent study at Stanford, cited by the Verge, has some ideas about why. Scientist think that caffeine blocks adenosine in our brain, which is what keeps us from feeling sleepy when we drink it. The new study, because of a corollary effect, presumes that coffee also blocks adenine and adenosine in our immune cells, preventing an overactive immune response, thereby, preventing inflammation. While this study still needs more confirmation, many health studies have found coffee to be beneficial. So if you already enjoy it, savor a a daily cup or two without any guilt. Its good for you!

Making Healthy Choices

If you can reduce inflammation in your body, you can combat chronic diseases that plague so many people. Heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes are all potentially linked to inflammation. Make healthy choices with your diet and indulge in the foods that can keep you healthy and well.

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