A spa experience is just that, an experience. An experience envelops the whole body. All five senses are engaged, restoring both the mind and body. While our unique mountain retreat environment and our skilled professionals contribute to an excellent spa experience, so do the products we use to provide our services. So what products do we use and why?

Aromatherapy Associates offers products that include the highest quality essential oils. These oils are used in items such as body oils and body scrubs. They can be employed during a massage or body treatment to offer you a luxurious experience. Aromatherapy works to relieve stress, revive and restore the mind, and even combat pain. Aromatherapy Associates products ensure an unrivaled aromatherapy experience.

L’Occitane en Provence provides luxurious bath oils, body scrubs, and other skin care treatments. Made with the finest ingredients, L’Occitane gives our clients deluxe treatment that is gentle on the skin. Not only does L’Occitane offer high quality products, but they also give back to their local community in Provence and to communities around the world.

Organic Spa Products

Trillium Organics was started by a woman who wanted to ensure that her family could have access to safe personal care products. Trillium Organics uses organic, non-GMO ingredients to craft excellent body oils and polishes that don’t put your health at risk. They also produce specialty products specifically for pregnancy such belly butter and moisture oil.

Yoga Sandals
Everyday we jam our feet into shoes that that are not designed to help our feet function at their best. As a result, over time, many people experience foot pain or irregularities in their feet. Yoga Sandals employ a design that offers the support our feet need to function properly. Each toe is slightly splayed to encourage proper alignment and movement. These comfortable sandals can be worn around the house, but are stylish enough to wear out and about. They are also ideal to wear for pedicures because they spread each toe. The nails are easier to paint and you can move about sooner without worrying about smudging the polish before it is completely dry.

OPI produces nail color and a variety of nail products that are sold exclusively through beauty professionals. This allows OPI to educate professionals and professionals to educate buyers about the optimal ways to use each product. OPI is dedicated to providing quality nail colors in an impressively diverse range of shades. For fun, funky, and elegant ideas check out OPI’s nail art pages.

Organic Essential Oils and Spa Products

A Sublime Experience

We want the most sublime and safest experience for every client during every spa visit. That is why we only use the highest quality spa products made by companies that are committed to caring for their clients. If you have any questions about the products being used during your spa experience, don’t hesitate to talk with any of our aestheticians.

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Many of us work at desks all day long. In fact the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that many employees spend as much as 90% of their day sitting down. All that sitting can be tough on backs, legs, shoulders, necks, and even our mental health. Ultimately, it causes stress to the muscles and the mind. Massage is a great tool to eliminate pain and combat stress. Nonetheless, you may not be able to make it to the spa every day. We’ve compiled a few stretches and exercises you can do while you work to alleviate desk stress.

Avoid Desk Stress and Strain

1) Torso Twist

The back, neck, and shoulders can become very tense as you type, answer phones, and work on stressful problems. WebMD suggests doing a torso twist to release tension in your back. While seated facing forward in the chair, turn to your left. Grab the back of your chair with your right hand and gently pull yourself further around. Extend your neck and your gaze as far as they can go. Repeat the same exercise on the left side.

2) Shoulder Blade Squeeze

As you sit at your desk, it easy to hunch over your computer. The more entangled with your work you become, the further you are likely to hunch down. Over time all of that hunching can permanently impact your posture. The shoulder blade squeeze, recommended by an article from Time Magazine, is a great way to combat the hunching. Simply squeeze your shoulder blades together, pushing back your shoulders in the process, as though you are gripping a pencil between them. Hold the squeeze for ten seconds, then release and repeat. This exercise will strengthen your back and improve your posture.

3) Wall Sit

While you sit in your chair all day, you are no longer using muscles and burning calories. To strengthen and tone muscles while you work, try the wall sit. Press your back against the wall with your knees at a 90 degree angle. Hold this position as long as you are able. Take a break and then see if you can improve your time. Depending on the configuration of your office, you can take phone calls or even work on the computer while you do this exercise. If you do not have a solid wall in your workspace try squatting for a few seconds over your chair, using your leg muscles to hold you up.

4) Number 4 Sit

Does your bottom ever start to feel flat after you have been sitting for awhile? This simple stretch will help relax the muscle in your bottom and help you stay more comfortable while you work. Prevention Magazine teaches to cross your left leg over your right knee in a number 4 shape. Press gently on the left knee and lean forward slightly until you feel the stretch. Hold the stretch for a few seconds and then switch legs.

Muscle strain from sitting at a desk

Lastly, we know that sitting at a desk is envitable, but how can we improve the experience and keep our body healthy while sitting for several hours a day? Here’s a few more ideas to keep your body healthy throughout the day.

Consider a Stand Up Desk

No matter how many stretches you do, your body is still going to struggle with being seated for hours at a time. Consider getting a stand up desk or finding a place to work while standing such as countertop. This will stretch out your muscles that tend to crimp while seated, as well as strengthen those you wouldn’t normally use. At first, you may find it difficult to stand for long periods of time. Slowly build up your tolerance and strength, starting with short periods of standing and increasing it regularly.

Adjust your Positioning

Muscle strain can be exaggerated by poor positioning of your desk, monitor, chair or the like. For example, you may increase neck strain if your monitor is too low. It should be eye level so that your chin is parallel to the ground. Secondly, your chair should have good lumbar support to ease you into a position of good posture. Lastly, your feet should be flat on the ground. A few simple adjustments to your position can make a big difference.

Staying Energized

Even if you are active outside of work, it is still important to keep your body flexible and moving throughout the day. These simple, inconspicuous stretches and exercises can keep you limber, comfortable and energized while you work. Your body and massage therapist will thank you!

Date posted: October 20, 2017

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Poor sleep is a common problem in the United States. Integrative Healthcare reports that as much as thirty percent of people in the United States have had bouts of insomnia, while ten percent experience chronic insomnia. Two things commonly rob people of a good night’s sleep: anxiety and pain. Massage can address both of those issues helping you rest easy.

Massage Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Many people have a hard time falling asleep at night because they feel stressed or anxious. This could be caused by chronic stress or simply an impending major event, such as a wedding or presentation at work. An overactive mind can keep you awake, imaging possible scenarios, envisioning stressful outcomes, or making to-do lists. Massage therapy can help you relax and relieve stress and anxiety so that you can fall asleep and sleep soundly. The National Sleep Foundation points out that massage can trigger serotonin, a neurotransmitter that induces calm feelings. In addition, we often hold tension and stress in our muscles, especially our neck and back. This tension can cause our bodies to feel tight and rigid, making sleep difficult. A massage can release the tension that is held in these places so that muscles feel relaxed and ready to rest.
Massage Therapy to Improve Sleep

Pain Can Disrupt Sleep

Pain can keep you awake at night. Perhaps you’ve had an injury at the ski resort, or went a little harder than you should have. If your neck throbs, joints ache, or your lower back is sore, it can be very challenging to rest comfortably. Massage therapy can relieve pain, even chronic pain so that you can improve the quality of your sleep. Time Magazine cites research that found massage reduces inflammatory cytokines, which are known for causing inflammation and pain. The article states that essentially, massage has the same effect as other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NAISDs) such as Tylenol and ibuprofen. Reduced inflammation means less pain which will result in better sleep.

Massage therapy to improve sleep

Your Massage Routine

Massage not only feels great, but it physically changes the chemical processes in our bodies to improve sleep and relieve pain. Break the cycles of stress, pain, and sleepless nights when you include massage in your regular routine. Feel the many benefits of lowered anxiety and restful nights. When you sleep well, your overall health is impacted. You will feel more alert, engaged in your daily tasks, and feel physically well. A good night’s sleep is just one of the many benefits of regular massage. Talk with a massage therapist at The Spa at Breckenridge to find out what type of massage and what massage routine would best fit your needs.

Date posted: September 26, 2017

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Here in Summit County, being active and physically fit is an important part of our lifestyle. Many visitors come for the physical challenges, such as climbing a 14er or skiing and snowboarding. Locals often make it a regular part of their lives.

Along with eating and sleeping well, managing your stress, exercise that builds cardiovascular endurance and tone muscles will help your body look and feel great. But did you know that sports massage can get you back out there faster after a long day on the hill or just skiing better in general?
Here’s a few ways sports massage can help you maintain and improve your fitness and enjoy all the physical activities Breckenridge has to offer.

Sports Massage in Breckenridge CORelieve Pain

You know the phrase: No Pain, No Gain. Pain is almost always associated with fitness. When you push your muscles to their limits they are bound to feel tight and sore. As you work out, your limits will continue to increase, you will still feel a bit sore every time you push yourself. Massage can relieve that pain in your muscles. It will loosen the tightness and help you feel ready to get back in the game sooner. Sports Massage can allow you to work out and build your endurance with less of the pain and stiffness that is often associated with intense exercise.

Stay Limber

Flexibility is an important factor for fitness. Staying flexible will prevent injuries, especially muscle tears. As we age our flexibility decreases. SheKnows points out that as early as age 12 we begin loosing our flexibility. Sports massage therapy will help your muscles stay light and limber. You will be able to include flexibility exercises in your routine and improve your flexibility, just as you improve your core strength and endurance. Flexibility will help your body stay healthy and fit longer so that you can continue to do the activities you love.

Improve Circulation

According to Health and Fitness Magazine, massage dilates blood vessels and improves circulation. Improved circulation moves more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles helping them perform better and stay healthier. In addition, improved circulation carries away toxins. Better circulation can also boost cardiovascular health and increase your endurance.

Include Massage

Sports Massage in Breckenridge CO

Fitness doesn’t have to be confined to the treadmill. Your routine could include lifting weights at the gym, hiking, skiing, swimming and biking. For the best results, it should also include sports massage. Talk to a massage therapist at The Spa At Breckenridge about the best times to get a massage according to your fitness routine. Incorporating massage will improve performance, prevent injuries, and help you feel great so that exercising is something you look forward to.

Date posted: September 20, 2017

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Everyone wants healthy younger looking skin. Taking care of your skin will help your skin stay youthful longer. You will be able to maintain a radiant glow and reduce blemishes. Here are a few tips from the skincare professionals at our spa.

Don’t Take too Many Showers

While summertime and adventure activities may leave you feeling hot and sweaty, taking more than one shower a day can dry out your skin. It would seem like more water would help your skin, but a hot shower can leave your skin feeling distressed. If you are planning on physical activity, save your shower until after you are done.

Do Use Sunscreen, Sunscreen and More Sunscreen!

For a long time we have associated a tan with healthy, glowing skin. Now we know that a tan means the skin is damaged. Skin damage will eventually lead to wrinkles, age spots, and even cancer. Always use sunscreen that is SPF 15 or higher. For protection that is even better than sunscreen, cover skin with a light-weight shirt, hat, and sunglasses. Elle suggests that if you don’t want to go without the tan, use a sunless tanner. There are a lot of great tanners that can give you a natural look without damaging your skin.

Skincare Tips Facial in Breckenridge

Don’t Sleep In Makeup

A long day can tempt you to crash without taking time for your nightly skin care routine. However, every time you sleep in makeup you are distressing your skin. An article from Odyssey points out that sleeping in your makeup can cause breakouts and even aging. Be sure to wash your face every night to make sure your skin can breathe.

Do Moisturize at Night

According to Huffington Post, new skin cells grow faster at night. Take advantage of your skin’s natural work by adding a nighttime moisturizer. These night-time products can be a little thicker than daytime moisturizers and work to hydrate and repair your skin after a hard day of exposure.

Don’t Use Too Many Products

Using too many products can stress your skin. Too many layers of makeup, too much exfoliation, too many cleansers or toners will leave your skin feeling stressed and can contribute to redness or blemishes. Find the right regimen for your skin and stick too it.

 Facial in Breckenridge for Healthy Skin

Do Get a Facial

Facials can relieve tension and help your skin look radiant. Our spa in Breckenridge uses a combination of massage, exfoliation, essential oils and treatments customized to your skin type for a facial that will restore and refresh your skin. Whether you are looking for a deep cleanse or to combat aging, The Spa at Breckenridge has a facial that will fit your needs.

Do Develop a Good Skin Care Regimen

Your skin requires daily care. It is important to find a routine that benefits your skin and stick to it. At the very least, your routine should include cleanser and moisturizer, but you may want to include makeup removers, serums and treatments. You can talk with our professional aestheticians if you have questions about what skin care techniques are right for your skin.

Date posted: July 28, 2017

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Squeeze in one last summer event before school starts and head to the Breckenridge International Festival of the Arts. This event runs from August 11th-20th. The installations and performances included in this event will tantalize your eyes and entice the imagination. Art ranging from photography to interactive installations will be on display throughout the town. Performances include music, circus, and interactive drama. You can even catch pop-up performances and installations out on the trails outside of town. This festival will ignite all five senses. Here are some highlights you should plan to check out.

The Circus

Driftwood will be performed at the Riverwalk Center by the Australian circus quartet Casus Circus. Watch as they perform stunning feats of strength and agility. Tickets can be purchased in advanced for a Friday or Saturday evening performance or a Sunday matinee.

Trail Mix

Enjoy art and the trail with the trail mix series. This series includes various pop-up musical performances, as well as interactive art installations that can be encountered as you hike. These performances will take place on the Iowa Hill, Moonstone, and Illinois Creek trails. For directions to the trails and approximate performance times click here.

Making Art with Beeswax and Pine Sap

This is a two day workshop that runs from 9-4 beginning August 12th. This workshop will teach you how to use the encaustic method to create your own stunning work. The cost of the class is $115 and you must register 24 hours before the class begins. There are many workshops throughout the week including guided projects and activities geared for kids.

Los Trompos

Los Trompos is an interactive, outdoor installation that is inspired by the quintessential children’s toy, the spinning top. Mexican designers, Héctor Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena, use Latin American inspired colors and designs to make vibrant, spinning sculptures that can be touched and even ridden. Delight your children or your inner child with this inviting installation.

Breck Family Arts Activity

Acoustic Flow

Start your day feeling fresh and centered. Enjoy yoga, meditation, and healing arts on the Riverwalk Center lawn. Each session is accompanied by live music and fresh air. This free event will take place five mornings throughout the festival.


This projection art will be featured every evening of the festival, starting after dark until 11:00 pm. Matt Walsh, a projection artist, incorporates images of portraits and the forms of trees to create mesmerizing works of living art.

See the Full Schedule

These highlights are just a few of the many events and installations taking place throughout the festival. For a full schedule and description of all the events visit BreckCreate. BIFA is the ideal place to experience a broad range of art that is inspired by and interacts with the mountain environment.

Photo: “Los Trompos (Spinning Tops) on the Sifly Piazza at the High Museum” by Vikramjam

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When you are on vacation there are plenty of opportunities to indulge. But how can you keep your healthy habits without sacrificing flavorful dining? Breckenridge offers a broad range of restaurants that include local ingredients, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

Soupz On

When you need a hearty, yet healthy lunch while you are skiing, stop into Soupz On. This lunch spot is conveniently located in the City Market Plaza, near the bottom of the gondola. They offer unique and flavorful soups, sandwiches and salads. The menu includes several vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Warm up and fill up at this easy lunch stop.

Mountain Flying Fish

Get a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids when you order sushi at Mountain Flying Fish. Healthy protein-rich rolls and sashimi are sure to satisfy your hunger. If you don’t enjoy sushi, the menu also has a selection of grilled plates such as chicken and salmon with traditional Japanese flavors.

Breckenridge Tap House

The Breckenridge Tap House features a delicious portobello and zucchini street taco. Other tacos include locally sourced meat, which is typically grass fed instead of grain fed, making it higher in healthy fatty acids. Order chips and guacamole instead of fries for an extra dose of nutrients.

Amazing Grace

Get a hearty, whole grain breakfast at Amazing Grace. This cafe offers hot oatmeal, granola and yogurt, or egg plates for a larger breakfast to help you power through a day on the slopes. You can also dine on salads and sandwiches at lunch time. Amazing Grace’s menu incorporates organic foods and provides a plethora of vegetarian and vegan options.

Make Your Own

When you want to make your own meal, stop by the Local Market on Main St. This little market carries plenty of organic items and Colorado products, including meats.

Eat Healthy in BreckenridgeHealthy Choices at Any Restaurant

You can find a way to eat healthy at any of Breckenridge’s restaurants. Try to skip the fried foods and find a grilled or baked option instead. Order two salads and split an entrée. Try to choose sides that feature a vegetable or fruit instead of a potato or other starch. If you decide to indulge in a rich and decadent meal, eat half and save the rest for another meal. When you are counting calories, keep in mind that beverages also add to your calorie count. With so many great local beers and inciting wine and cocktail lists, you may want to choose a meal that is on the lighter side. When you make smart choices you can enjoy excellent food and take care of your body.

Date posted: April 3, 2017

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There are many different styles and types of massage. Two of the most common methods of massage are Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Before you meet with your massage therapist, it is helpful to know difference between the two. When you have a good understanding of both you can explain exactly what type of massage you want and what your goals are for your massage.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the foundation for other types of massage and one of the most commonly requested forms of massage. It incorporates five strokes: effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration. These strokes are designed to stimulate circulation, ease surface level tension, and ultimately, relax and relieve stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage builds on Swedish massage employing many of its basic strokes, but applying more pressure. Deep tissue massage works into deeper layers of muscle and fascia to break up tight knots. This type of massage is often used to address chronic pain and relieve deep layers of tension.
Whereas Swedish massage is typically performed with the hands and fingertips, deep tissue massage also employs elbows and forearms to reach deep layers of muscle tissue.

Deep Tissue Massage versus Swedish Massage

Which Massage Is Right For You?

Talk with your massage therapist about what may be the right style of massage for you. Both Swedish and deep tissue massage have significant benefits, but one may more appropriately address your needs.
Seek out Swedish massage when you are feeling stressed or tense. The gentler, more soothing strokes of this popular massage will be just what you need to relax and let go of your anxiety. Choose deep tissue if you have been suffering from chronic lower back or neck and shoulder pain.

Stay Comfortable

Neither massage should cause pain. Don’t be afraid to tell your therapist if the pressure is too intense or something is making you uncomfortable. Even if the room is too hot or too cold, adjustments can be made so that you are comfortable and relaxed.

Take Care of Your Body

Stop into The Spa at Breckenridge and talk with a massage therapist to see what kind of massage is right for you. We have a diverse menu of that incorporates various methods of massage to treat everything from stress to sore muscles. Consider including massage in your self-care routine. Contact us today to discuss which massage is best for your needs.

“Understanding Different Types of Massage” dreamclinic

“New To Massage:FAQ” WebMD

Date posted: March 20, 2017

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A day in the sun and snow is refreshing for the mind and body, but it can pose threats to your skin. The sun is particularly intense in the mountains. According to Rocky Mountain National Park, there is 40% less atmosphere above 10,000 ft. elevation. It is atmosphere that blocks harmful UV rays. Without this extra protection your skin is exposed to damaging UV rays. In addition, snow reflects these rays, increasing their intensity. These rays can cause age spots, dryness, sunburn and the break down of collagen (which causes wrinkles).

Protection from Breckenridge’s Sunshine

The town of Breckenridge is at 9,600 feet and when you are on the hill you are even higher. When you head out to the slopes you can help reduce the effects of sun on your skin. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Apply the sunscreen every two hours. Use goggles that provide UV protection and will protect the skin around your eyes.

During the summer, always wear a hat, preferably wide brimmed and apply sunscreen. Wear long sleeves that cover your shoulders and arms.

In either season, you will need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help your skin combat the effects of sun exposure.

Facial in Breckenridge CO

Rejuvenate your Skin

Even if you take precautions, your skin may feel the impact of Breckenridge’s high altitude and the exposure to the sun. Facials are a great way to rejuvenate your skin and keep your face looking young and radiant. A facial uses essential oils, massage, and exfoliation to refresh and restore your skin. Two studies cited by Well-Being Secrets found that the application of the types of cosmetic products such as lotions and oils used during facials “led to higher water content, lower transepidermal water loss, and lower sebum secretion.” Facials effectively prevent dryness, a very common problem at high altitudes.


Not only does a facial keep your skin healthy, it can also relieve stress and tension. You carry your emotions on your face. Whether you are happy or sad, your face is working to show or hide your emotions. If you are stressed, you may clinch your jaw or furrow your brow. A facial can work out the tension you carry in your face and help you feel refreshed and relaxed.


For an indulgent facial in Breckenridge you don’t even have to leave the slopes. The Spa at Breckenridge is conveniently located right on the mountain so you can get a facial and get back to skiing or hiking. An esthetician will examine your skin and talk with you about your specific needs so that you can get a facial tailored to your unique skin. You can choose from a menu of add ons to complete your facial experience and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief.

Young and Healthy

Taking care of your face will keep you looking young and healthy. Your face with feel smooth, look firm and stay nourished and hydrated when you treat it to a facial. As you plan your time in Breckenridge, remember the mountain environment that makes this unique town so beautiful can also be challenging for your skin. Take time to pamper yourself so that you feel great.

Date posted: February 27, 2017

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Body treatments are an excellent way to relax and relieve stress on your vacation. You want to return home from your Breckenridge vacation refreshed and restored, ready to take on whatever life brings.

We All Have Stress

According to an article from NPR, when a national poll was taken, half of all Americans said they experienced a stressful event in the previous year and 1 in 4 adults said they encountered a great deal of stress in the previous month. We all experience it in one form or another and it is likely that stress has been taking its toll on your everyday life.

Stress - woman stressed with headache

Signs of Stress

Stress can manifest itself in a variety of ways in your body. Mayo Clinic points out that if you are stressed, you may experience persistent headaches, sleep problems, or an upset stomach. You may also feel irritable or anxious. Long-term, unaddressed stress can raise your blood pressure and even contribute to heart disease. To manage chronic stress, you will need to make everyday life changes such as exercising, eating well, and making time for hobbies.

Relax and Refresh

While you are on vacation, you can help kick start your stress relief with a relaxing body treatment.

The Spa at Breckenridge offers a diverse menu of body treatments. Immerse yourself in scents and oils such as fresh tuberose and vanilla to produce a calming effect, or essential oils to strengthen and energize yourself such as grapefruit and rosemary. Each body treatment at The Spat at Breckneridge is designed to rejuvenate your skin, eliminate toxins from your body and help you feel calm and relaxed.

body-treatments-breckenridge-coOur body treatments range in length from 60 to 90 minutes. They employ various combinations of massage, essential oils, body brushing, and salts and scrubs, each intended to nourish and refresh your body both on the inside and the outside.

The Perfect Combo

The excellent combination of enjoying the revitalizing outdoor activities and stunning views that Breckenridge has to offer, along with pampering your body, will bring down your stress level and send you home feeling relaxed and confident.

Contact us today to book a stress relieving body treatment.

Date posted: January 24, 2017

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Breckenridge is well known for its world class skiing, but after 4:00 it offers the best in fine dining. There are a number restaurants to enjoy an intimate or romantic dinner with your loved one. From modern to quaint, our dining scene has the perfect place for you. Here are five suggestions for excellent romantic restaurants in Breckenridge.

La Petit Paris

Nothing says romance like authentic French food. Chef and owner Arielle, originally from France, prepares dishes that bring the genuine taste of France to Breckenridge. With a warm intimate setting and an excellent bottle of wine you can enjoy a quiet and delicious night in this quaint bistro.


Relish is a fine restaurant with a unique focus on Colorado cuisine. Chefs Matt Fackler and Clint Ketchum are both long-term Colorado residents with an appreciation for the delicious ingredients that Colorado can offer. The menu changes regularly to incorporate seasonal Colorado ingredients. In addition to Colorado inspired food, you can compliment your meal with Colorado inspired cocktails. For a truly local, romantic meal make a reservation at Relish.

Hearthstone Restaurant

The Hearthstone Restaurant is set in the charming, victorian Kaiser House. It offers stunning views of the Breckenridge ski resort and the 10 mile range. Each meal is inspired by simple, natural ingredients and stunningly plated. Located right on Main Street, you can conveniently enjoy a gorgeous meal with your loved one.


Date Night Romantic Dinner in Breckenridge
For a modern take on a romantic dinner, dine at Ember. Ember is known for its unique flavor combinations. Chef, Scotty B., prepares meals that are as just as artistic as the works that adorns the walls throughout Ember. They also offers a gluten free menu for those with special dietary needs. Be sure to indulge in Ember’s delectable desserts. These desserts are truly one of a kind and are perfect for sharing with your date.

Briar Rose Chophouse and Saloon

In addition to high quality steaks, the Briar Rose also offers wild game, such as elk. Sides are served family style so that you can share your favorites. These hearty, yet artful meals are served in an elegant atmosphere. Don’t forget to warm up with one of their many delicious adult coffees.

After enjoying a day on the slopes and relaxing with an after-ski massage, head downtown to linger over a luxurious meal.

Date posted: January 12, 2017

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Skiing involves muscles that aren’t used for everyday activities or even other sports. Hitting the slopes cold, with muscles that aren’t loose and properly stretched, could result in injury. Stretching before you ski can also prevent sore muscles in the days following skiing.

Knees and hips typically take the brunt of the impact when you are skiing. Many injuries caused by skiing are knee injuries. Torn ACLs are particularly common. Injuries occur due to unexpected falls, but also happen because of the impact on joints and muscles run after run. Stretching before you ski can help you avoid unpleasant injuries and keep you on the slopes year after year.

Skiing Stretches

Pre-Skiing Stretches

Stretch Coach suggests the Lying Knee Roll-Over Stretch and the Kneeling Quad Stretch. To perform the Lying Knee Roll-Over, lay on your back with your arms stretched out to either side. Bend your knees and allow them to fall to the right. Your hips and back should rotate with your legs. Alternate your knees from side the side. For the Kneeling Quad Stretch, kneel on one knee, keep the alternate foot flat on the floor. Push your hips forward. Alternate which knee you kneel on.

In-Ski Stretches

FitDay recommends a few in-ski stretches. On a flat surface, in your skis, with the skis placed together, reach down, keeping your legs extended and touch the outsides of your ski boots. For another in-ski stretch, stand in your skis and slowly sit down into a squat. Then lift yourself slowly to a standing position.

Pre-skiing stretches


You can prepare for your ski vacation or even a whole season on the slopes by getting plenty of exercise and stretching regularly. Stretching the day you ski will help immensely, but nothing can beat stretching for muscle maintenance and staying limber all year long.

Post Skiing Massage

Even the most seasoned skiers can still get sore. One of the best solutions for soreness, recommended by an article in the New York Times, is a post skiing sports massage. A sports massage will help your muscles stay loose and reduce soreness the following morning.

After a long day of skiing you can cool down by taking an easy run right into The Spa at Breckenridge. Stop in for your post skiing sports massage and feel ready to start fresh in the morning.

Date posted: December 29, 2016

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Anti-aging facials in BreckenridgeAs we mature, our skin begins to show signs of age. Years of laughing create lines on our foreheads and around our eyes. The force of gravity pulls down on our necks, cheeks and eyelids. Exposure to sunlight deepens wrinkles and causes spotting. While we should take pride in the wisdom that comes with maturity, we don’t have to show it off on our faces. A facial is a great way to relax, pamper yourself, and reduce signs of aging.

You can get a facial in Breckenridge that can stave off the signs of aging. Not only will an anti-aging facial leave your skin looking younger and healthier, you will also feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

So how does it work? Here’s a breakdown.


As skin ages, collagen breaks down faster and is replenished slower than when skin was younger. It is collagen that keeps skin firm and plump looking. As it breaks down, skin begins to sag and wrinkle. A facial will help stimulate collagen regeneration and help your skin look tighter.



At The Spa at Breckenridge your therapist will first cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Secondly, they will massage your face with oils that are known for cell renewal and contain antioxidants. In an article for WebMD, Sumayah Jamal, MD, an assistant professor of dermatology and microbiology at NYU Medical Center, explains, “antioxidants are nutrients that, when topically applied, disarm and neutralize free radicals before they harm skin — so they can play an important role in antiaging skin care.” Free radicals come from exposure to sun and pollutants. Over time our skin is exposed to free radicals that can cause significant damage. Antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent the damage to skin they can cause.

Lymphatic Fluid

Following the massage, two masks are applied that will hydrate the skin, encouraging it to look firm and smooth. While the masks are working, you are given a lymphatic massage which tightens the area under your eyes.

Facials for Aging in BreckenridgeOur lymphatic fluid works to eliminate toxins from our body. As we mature, our lymphatic fluid circulation slows down. Often, it pools under our eyes and causes puffiness or bags. Massage encourages lymphatic fluid to drain and will help the area around your eyes look supple.

Look Radiant and Youthful

Each step of the Age Repair Facial offered by The Spa at Breckenridge is specifically designed to help you fight the signs of aging. Every cleanse, oil and mask has a distinct purpose that keeps your skin looking firm. Paired with an excellent skin care regimen, a facial will keep you looking young and healthy.

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Date posted: December 12, 2016

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Ullr Fest 2017Ullr Fest is an annual festival that takes place every January in Breckenridge. This year’s festival, Jan 11-14 2017, is the 54th Ullr Fest. This festival is named after Ullr (pronounced Oool-er), the Norse god of winter. Ullr was handsome, strong, wild and loved a good party. He was also a lover of snow and winter, and was often depicted as traveling the countryside on skis or skates.

To locals and avid skiers, Ullr has become the bearer of snow and good skiing conditions. When there is no snow, pray to Ullr to bring it! When it’s dumping, well, Ullr must be happy!

For locals, Ullr Fest is the time to let your hair down a bit. Much like a weekend long snow dance, this is the local’s way of remembering and celebrating the reasons to live in the high country: love of snow and winter.

And like Ullr, the locals know how to celebrate.

Here are a few of the events to check out.

Ullr Parade

This parade is known for being a little wild and crazy. Local businesses go all out making floats and competing for cash prizes. Bystanders and participants alike dress in full Viking costumes. Past floats have included hot tubs, ski jumps and life-sized snow globes.

Just before the parade, participants over 21 years of age are invited to join in the World’s Longest Shot-ski. This event broke a world record last year with 831 participants. If you haven’t seen a shot-ski before, it consists of a ski with shot glasses attached. When the ski tilts up, those lined up take their shot. In the case of Ullr Fest, that’s about a quarter mile long ski and almost 900 shots!

Watch this video to see a video of last year’s shot-ski.

Ullr Fest for families and kids

Ice Skating Party

For a more family friend activity, bring the kids to the Steven C. West Ice Arena for ice skating. Kids can also decorate Ullr helmets.

Family Snow Day, which takes place at Carter Park will have sledding, snowman building and other fun games for the whole family.

There’s also a hockey game with the Breckenridge Bucks versus the Colorado Thunderbrids.

Ice Plunge

And what winter festival would be complete without an ice plunge? Last year more than 200 people jumped into Maggie pond to prove their love of winter (or something like that).

Whatever your poison, this event is fun for locals and tourists alike. Come join us and celebrate winter!

For a full schedule, check out the Go Breck website here. http://www.gobreck.com/events/ullr-fest#horizontalTabEvents1

Date posted: November 28, 2016

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