Mud season in Breck can begin as early as April and go on into May. It is called mud season because the snow pack begins to melt and creates areas of thick mud. Snow can still fly, but temperatures can also soar up into the upper 50’s. Breckenridge Resort has reported a total of 378 inches of snow this season. That means there will be a lot of water making its way down the mountain this spring. Without skiing, and before summer is in full swing what is there to love about mud season?


Because skiing winds down, but the trails aren’t quite ready for biking and hiking, not as many people vacation in Breckenridge during these months. This means there are often reduced prices on lodging. Local restaurants also offer dining deals. Mud season can be an especially great time to score gear because the local ski and board shops are trying to move out their inventory to make room for summer items.

Fewer Crowds

Fewer people can mean a little more space for you to spread out. You can get reservations at your favorite restaurants. The ski lift lines are shorter as the season winds down. If you want to experience Breckenridge with a more intimate and cozy feel, mud season is the perfect time to come.


When you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everything, mud season is the perfect time to escape. You can relax by a fire, enjoy a cup of coffee on a patio, try out new restaurants, and simple enjoy life at a slower pace. You could even schedule a spa day and relieve some stress with a massage and a soak in a warm pool.

Road Biking

While many of the famed mountain bike trails are still too wet and muddy to ride, you can still ride your bike. There are great road biking trails throughout Summit County. There is a rec path that runs from Breckenridge to Frisco. From Frisco, you can take the trail that follows Lake Dillon. Another popular trail also runs along Vail Pass. The cool weather makes spring a great time to try out these paved, road biking trails.

Things To Keep in Mind

Mud season can be a fun way to experience the mountains. However, keep some things in mind as you plan your trip. Depending on when you come, the ski resort may still be open, but the runs and ski lifts that are open can be limited due to weather conditions. While many restaurants offer great deals during mud season, others close down for an annual cleaning, or simply to recover from the busy season, and others may limit their hours. Other outfitters may also have reduced prices, but limit their hours or have reduced staff available. Trail conditions can also be great for snowshoeing, but some trails may be impassible due to mud and water. As long as you plan ahead and are willing to be flexible according to the whims of the weather, mud season can be one of the best times of year to experience Breckenridge.

Photo: “The Crown Cafe and Tavern” by Austyn Dineen courtesy of The Breckenridge Office of Tourism

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