Breckenridge-Spa-FacialIt can be tricky business to achieve glowing, gorgeous skin, but that’s what we all want don’t we?! Well, there are a plethora of things to consider when trying to achieve beautiful skin, but the most important item to think about is your skin type. Every different skin type has specific needs that not only need to be taken into consideration when getting a facial, but when doing simple everyday tasks like buying a cleanser or moisturizer as well. We are not going to go into choosing products at the store, but what we are going to talk about is the best spa treatments to give your skin a much-needed boost. How do you choose what kind of facial to get, though? Well, our massage therapists in Breckenridge will ask you questions about your skin conditions so they can create a blend that is tailored just for you. But, it is good to know the best facial treatments for each skin type before you head into our Summit County spa for your next facial.

Dry Skin

One of the most common conditions we see in the Colorado high country is dry skin that lacks natural lipids or oils, making it prone to dehydration. Yes, skin can get dehydrated! Because of this lack of water, your skin’s natural exfoliating cycle slows down, resulting in the need for a variety of treatments such as exfoliation and facial masks. Gentle exfoliation is the most obvious method as the enzymes are a great way to take your skin from flakey to fabulous. But, a facial mask over a penetrating product will help penetrate the said product into the skin. As the mask hardens, the product will be pushed into the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is described as skin that produces more oil than it needs. This becomes a problem as the oil becomes a magnet for debris such as makeup, skin cells and pollution, which then cause congestion inside the pores. And, just like plaque on your teeth, this congestion becomes hardened and creates a mess. So, you want to look for facials that penetrate these clogged pores and get rid of the congestion … facials that include a chemical exfoliant such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid are great methods to exfoliate. At our spa in Breckenridge, our therapists are also trained at extractions to remove the hardened debris within the pores.

Facial mask from our Summit County spaCombination Skin

Sometimes skin has both oily and dry areas that need to be treated separately. So, we recommend enzyme, chemical or even microdermabrasion exfoliants before implementing extractions to remove congestion. Typically, we then add a professional treatment mask to replenish lost water and soothe the skin.

Mature Skin

Mature skin can be challenging to say the least. But, we are up for the challenge. Mature skin can be oily, dry or a multitude of different skin combinations, so your esthetician will need to first treat the type of skin. Then, because mature skin slows down (cell production, circulation) we will need to focus on increasing circulation by saturating the skin with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for healthier, younger looking skin.

Sensitive Skin

All skin needs exfoliation to remove built-up dead skin, but with sensitive skin this needs to be done very gently. Facials that use enzymes to exfoliate tend to work the best because they don’t irritate the skin. When looking for products for sensitive skin, search for ones that don’t have excessive fragrances or other irritants in them.

Keeping Your Skin Looking Healthy

  • Some simple at-home tips for keeping your skin looking the best:
  • Cleanse your skin daily to remove debris that has accumulated during the day.
  • Rehydrate your skin with a toner after cleansing. This will also help your moisturizer to penetrate better.
  • Help your skin’s natural cycle of shedding dry skin by exfoliating daily.
  • Replenish your skin with moisturizer after cleansing, rehydrating and exfoliating.

Kathryn Serviss, lead esthetician at the Bliss in Los Angeles says, “everyone should be doing these steps. They stay the same for every skin type, but the products you use to complete the steps will be different for everyone.”

If you are unsure about what to do and what products to use, talk to one of the estheticians at our spa about what facials and products are best for your skin type.


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