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10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Massage

Are you the type of person that feels frivolous about spending money on a professional massage? If so, you probably have not had one done before. I say this because of the wealth of research out there that points to the various health benefits of getting a massage, not to mention the spiritual lift you can get out of it. So, if you are worried about spending the money or are a little shy about disrobing in front of a stranger, here are some guidelines from our Breckenridge spa to help you get the most out of your professional Breckenridge massage.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water – It is not only imperative that you drink plenty of water after your massage, but before you have the treatment done as well. Why? Well, the short answer is that you need to flush out the toxins as the pressure from your therapist’s hands pushes the lactic acid out of your muscle tissue and into your bloodstream. Water consumption will help your blood to flow more freely so the toxins are flushed effectively.
  1. Get the Most Out of Your Massage – By mentioning your concerns to your massage therapist – expressing your needs and expectations before you start – you will be sure to get the most out of your massage. Make sure to note problem areas that you would like the therapist to concentrate on. In the end, this will help both of you to get the most out of the experience.
  1. Don’t be shy – Our certified Breckenridge massage therapists are licensed and trained on professional decorum. Don’t be bashful about what they might think of your body either. Rest comfortably in knowing that your therapist is well trained in sheep-draping techniques that will ensure your modesty is protected at all times. In fact, the therapist will leave you alone to disrobe and slide under the sheets before your massage.
  1. Relax and Stop Thinking so Much – If you take your stress and worries into the massage, you will not reap the full benefits. Try and use rhythmic breathing to prepare both your brain and body for what is to come. Inhale while gathering all your thoughts and release your tensions on the exhale to expel them from your body. Repeat for five or so cycles until you feel relaxed.
  1. Relax Your Body – Engaging your muscles to help your therapist maneuver a part of your body is ultimately counterproductive. You just end up tensing those muscles, therefore making the therapist’s work more difficult. He/she will give you direction to ensure a proper technique.
  1. Breathe Through the Pain – Holding your breath when your therapist begins working on a muscular knot is a no-no. Holding your breath will ultimately keep the tension in the muscle, the exact opposite effect of what you are looking for. Instead, narrow your focus to a deep, rhythmic pattern as you visualize the tension leaving your body while exhaling … allowing your body to relax more and more with each breath.
  1. Keep the Chitchat to a Minimum – You may feel like you have to converse during your massage, but if you are talking away during the treatment then you’re not really concentrating on your body as much as you should be. You do, however, want to talk to your therapist to give them instructions – if you are feeling chilly, you would like them to work on a specific area of your body or the pressure is too soft or too hard.
  1. Take Time to Recover – When it is all said and done, take a minute or so to revel in your newly relaxed body. Don’t jump of the table and high tail it out of there once your therapist has left the room, but maybe roll slowly to your side, push yourself up gently to a seated position and sit on the edge of the table for a few minutes. At our Breckenridge spa, you will receive a glass of water after the treatment, so make sure to slowly drink the entire glass.
  1. More and More Water – Continue to drink more water throughout the rest of the day and evening to finish flushing those nasty toxins out of your body. You don’t want to end up with sore muscles and nausea, do you? While there is no magic number on how much water you should consume, the more you drink, the better you’ll feel!
  1. Take it Easy – You have now just spent valuable time and money on a professional massage, so why wouldn’t you want to reap the benefits for as long as possible? Help your body hold on to this feeling by treating yourself to a relaxing evening, eating a light dinner, soaking in a warm aromatherapy bath and curling up in bed for a deep, restorative sleep.

Now that you are armed and ready to make the most out of your next massage, why not contact us today to book any number of our massage services. Just remember that this off-season (Fall 2015) we will only be open from 10am to 4pm Sunday through Thursday and 9am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday. After hour appointments are available by request from 8am to 8pm daily.

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