There has been so much talk about paraben free products for years. There has been so many studies to find scientific data proving parabens are or are not harmful to humans. Parabens are used widely as a preservative in body care products and foods. There are many different forms of parbens the most common form used in the beauty industry is esters of p-hydroxy benzoic acid. This is a synthetic form of several different chemicals to make a preservative,  basically.  Most studies agree on one thing, this synthetic preservative does mimic estrogen. Some studies suggest it is a very small level of synthetic estrogen and some say it is high enough to have dangerous and toxic effects on the human bodies. There are studies suggesting synthetic parbens could be linked to breast cancer, low sperm counts and early onset of puberty in girls, just to name a few. Our massage oils are all paraben free, at The Spa at Breckenridge we think your better safe then sorry, if you can find wonderful products without parabens why risk it.

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