Wander and marvel through lights and sounds after dark in Breckenridge during the captivating event, WAVE: Light + Water + Sound. Throughout this four-night event artists from all over the globe showcase their installations. These installations, both large and small, and often interactive, incorporate the use of either light, water, sound, or all three. Starting on May 31st, head out to Main Street Breckenridge after sunset and revel in the whimsy of these singular works of art.

Impulse 2018 Wave: Light + Water + Sound event

Impulse is an installation by Lateral Office and CS Design. Luminous see-saws invite onlookers to participate in creating art through play. As people move the see-saws up and down the light and sound changes so that everyone’s experience of the installation is entirely unique. You won’t be able to resist gliding up and down on these light filled see-saws.


This brilliant installation is visible all along the Blue River. Towering clusters of brilliantly colored umbrellas lit from within, will float on the water. This installation is intended to celebrate the diverse group of people that have gathered in Breckenridge from far and wide. Place/d is designed by Stephanie Imbeau, an internationally recognized artist.


This stunning work that is crafted with solar panels and recycled pieces of technology will be available for viewing June 1st. The artist, Tom Dekyvere, explores the places where nature and technology, human and artificial intersect. Lights and form work together to create this captivating and thought-provoking work.

In addition to art installations, WAVE also includes, concerts, talks, workshops and kids activities. Here are some of the events you don’t want to miss throughout the weekend.

Solar Ovens with Keystone Science School

The event takes place on Sat. June 2nd from 1:30-3:00. Kids will learn about energy and they will craft their own solar oven. This event is for kids over six and they must be accompanied by an adult. Pre-registration will ensure a spot for your child at this hands-on science workshop.

Colorplay: A Mobile Workshop

Led by nationally celebrated artist Julie Hughs, this workshop teaches how to make delicate mobiles from hand painted plastic. Hughs’ installation is included in the WAVE celebration, learn from her expertise to create your own, light-capturing work of art. The workshop is on June 3rd, 3:00-4:00 pm.

What to do in Breckenridge arts district


Kick off the weekend on May 31st with a glowing bike parade. LightCycles is a one of a kind opportunity to ride with other glowing bikers after dark. Bikers should gather at 7:00 at Breck Bike Guides on Main Street to decorate their bikes with free glow swag. Bikers will then join together at 8:00 for the parade.

A Full Schedule

There are many more concerts, workshops, installations, and events throughout the weekend. For a full schedule of events between May 31st and June 3rd, go to BreckCreate.org. Plan your weekend so that you can enjoy everything this event has to offer.

Photo Credits:

WAVE2018 placed02 by Stephanie Inbeau, Courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office

WAVE2018-Impulse by CREOS 02, Courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office

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