Rejuvenate yourself with a facial at our Breckenridge spa.Here at Breckenridge Spa, we understand that everyone’s skin is unique. Furthermore, skin type can change with age. This is the reason why everyone needs an individualized skin care routine and treatment. Just because a particular facial or a massage did wonders for your friend’s skin doesn’t mean it will work the same for your skin. In fact, it may defeat the purpose of you opting for that particular skin treatment.

Before we create a custom skin treatment for you, we will analyze your skin type as well as other factors that affect your skin. Since each skin type requires a different treatment, it’s imperative that we complete this step at the beginning.

Let’s take a look at the different skin types first:

Normal Skin

For those with “normal skin,” congratulations! This is the most hassle-free skin type. If you’ve been blessed with a normal skin type, the minimal amount of care is required. That’s because normal skin usually has a balanced level of moisture, good elasticity and an even skin tone.

Facials from our spa in BreckenridgeDry Skin

If you have dry skin, you’ve probably noticed that it’s very easily irritated by the wind, sun and other elements. It will also often feel flaky, itchy and rough to touch. People who have dry skin tend to develop wrinkles faster than their counterparts. Moisturizing regularly to keep the skin hydrated is the best way to avoid dry skin and keep wrinkles at bay.

Oily Skin

People with this skin type are more prone to acne. Without proper treatment, the skin tends to look shiny or greasy. Enlarged pores and blackheads on the nose are a major concern for people with oily skin. If you have oily skin, then you should avoid touching your face as much as possible. Your carbohydrate intake should also be kept at a bare minimum.

Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, you’re in the majority. Most people have combination skin. Often, while the skin on the cheeks and the jaw line is normal, the skin on the nose, forehead and chin is oily.

The next thing that we will look at are other skin factors that depend mainly on your age, genetics and overall health. In addition to your skin type, we may have to consider them as well before we start with your custom skin treatment.

Breckenridge facialSensitive Skin

Have you ever “broken out” when trying a new product? You may have sensitive skin that can get itchy, dry and easily irritated by certain skin care products. This is usually genetic. People with sensitive skin are prone to scaly and reddish areas as well as acne breakouts. If you’ve sensitive skin, you need to be very careful while using any skin care products. We recommend consulting with a professional. You need to buy products that specifically say ‘for sensitive skin’ and ‘hypoallergenic’.

Skin Tone

Pigmented skin is known to be more resilient. But, certain skin care products can cause irritation and hyperpigmentation. If you’ve a darker skin tone, you need to invest in skin care products specially made for your physiology. Certain abrasive skin care products can have a negative reaction to a darker skin tone. Hence, you need to be very careful while choosing your skin care products.

Aging Skin

This is true for everyone: as the skin ages, it becomes more sensitive and prone to wrinkles. The elasticity of the skin also suffers. It’s very crucial for older people to moisturize their skin regularly. At this age, sunscreen is also very important because the skin is sensitive to UV rays.

Cyclic Skin

Hormones also play a major role in the oiliness of the skin. Hence, some people notice that they get breakouts only during certain times of the month. This is the main reason why 90% of teens have acne and around 40% have a hard time dealing with it as per the Acne Resource Center (ARC).

Once we identify your skin, we will be able to create a customized blend just for you. We have three facials to choose from-Teen Deep Cleanse Facial, Age Repair Facial and The Breckenridge Spa Signature Facial. We also have additional treatments for hair, back, hands and feet as well as eyes. Our skin treatments ensure that you instantly feel relaxed and refreshed.

After the skin treatment if you follow a healthy skin care routine daily, then the effect of the skin treatment can remain for a longer time. This means, you don’t need to invest in a lot of expensive products! You just need to find a combination of skin products that works best for you. Here are a few products that you can invest in depending on your requirement.


All skin types need to use a gentle cleanser. It helps wash away the oil and dirt from the skin. You can use it in the shower and once before going to bed.

Facials from our Breckenridge spa.Toner

Toner evens out the skin tone and also draws out oil from the pores, specially if it contains astringent. But if you have sensitive skin, toners with astringent may sting a little. So you may want to avoid toners with astringent. Toners are great for darker skin tones and people with oily skin.


Exfoliators are specially meant for people with oily skin. In fact, they should use it at least three to five times in a week. It helps remove the excess oil as well as skin cell buildup.

Acne Spot Treatment

If you suffer from acne, then these spot treatments can work for you. They need to be applied overnight and contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

Facial MaskSkin Lighteners

These are moisturizers that help in gradually lightening discolorations and brown spots. Skin lighteners are useful because they prevent the production of excess melanin in your skin.

Anti-Aging Cream

As you age, it’s highly recommended to use a moisturizer that can significantly improve your skin’s elasticity and hence, prevent wrinkles. Anti-aging creams have the ability to reduce wrinkles and fill fine lines.

Sunscreen or Skin Moisturizer

This is something that people with all skin types need to use. You’ll either specifically get a sunscreen lotion or moisturizers that have built-in sunscreen. Make sure that the SPF is 15 or higher. If you usually spend more time in the sun, then a higher SPF is advisable.

In addition to good skin care products and a regular skin care regime, your lifestyle choices also play an important part in keeping your skin healthy and luminous. So, exercise regularly, eat healthy and stay hydrated at all times. If you smoke, you may probably want to rethink before you light up your next cigarette. Essentially, your skin is a reflection of your intake. So be as healthy as possible for that glowing skin!

Date posted: August 12, 2016

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