One of the most magical summer events in Breckenridge is WAVE: Light + Water + Sound. This event turns downtown Breckenridge into a canvas for interactive installations incorporating the theme of light, water and sound. This event, which takes place June 1-4, is a fantastic event for the whole family.

Breckenridge’s event for the whole familyRecycled Rain

A featured installation this year is titled Recycled Rain. This installation will be produced in partnership with the High Country Conservation Center. Participants are invited to help build the installation throughout the weekend. It is intended to call attention to the plastic pollution problem throughout the globe. A round table will also be held on June 2nd to discuss the problem of plastic and possible solutions.

 More Installations

Micro, which consists of globes of light that make individual sounds when touched; Intrude, an installation of massive, glowing white rabbits; and Luminous, which explores the interaction of light and shadow using a variety of materials, are all installations that will be featured throughout downtown Breckenridge.


Events will also take place throughout the weekend all centering on the theme of light, water and sound. Kick off the weekend on June 1st by decorating a bike with lights and riding in the LightCycles: Community Bike Ride. The whole family will love it! If you’d rather not ride, you can enjoy the lights and colors from the sidelines.

Take the kids on June 3rd or 4th to experience an exploration of Blue River presented by Keystone Science School. They will love hunting for water bugs and performing chemical tests on the water.

For the music lover in the family, music by cellist Russick Smith, will be performed on a tiny island surrounded by the rushing spring runoff. There will also be live music amongst the art installation of giant rabbits throughout the weekend.

Catch a nightly short film at the Old Masonic Hall Deck. They will include music videos, films with the theme of water and pollution, and waveforms.

After Dark

During this free festival there is something for everyone. While the installations are available for viewing all day, most of them are designed to be experienced after dark. You can attend events, go for a hike, or enjoy a day at the spa, during the day. Then, head out in the evening to take in these captivating works of art.

Going Deeper

Water is such a significant part of our daily life and impacts everything in Breckenridge, from the snow required for skiing, to the runoff in Blue River, to the summer rains and storms that keep alpine flowers in bloom. This festival invites us to take a closer look at our relationship with the world and delve into the beauty of light and sound and water.

Mark Your Calendar

Put June 1-4 on your calendar. Visit Breck Create for the full details on all of the installations, as well as dates, times and locations for specific events. This is one of the most spectacular weekends in Breckenridge, don’t miss it!

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