At The Spa at Breckenridge we use Trillium organics body oils. We use these oils in our treatment rooms as our standard massage oil. Trillium organics only offers some of the highest grade massage oils available on the market and we our so happy to work with them. There oil is all certified organic, vegan, gluten free, nut free, paraben free , phathalate free, petroleum free, synthetic fragrance free and artificial color free, just to name a few.  Some of there key ingredients are jojoba oil, vitamin E, and olive oils. These three ingredients are so beneficial for your skin.  Jojoba mimics our bodies own oils, because of this it is absorbed into your skin quickly. Vitamin E is just amazing, this oil is so healing and nourishing for your body. And olive oil is high in omega fatty acids, this helps your skin feel and appear younger.   After a massage at The Spa at Breckenridge there is no need to run to the shower to rinse off. It is best to let this massage oil soak into your skin so you can reap in the benefits.  

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